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College Physic

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can someone help me with this question?

Thank you!

You have taken a summer job at a warehouse and have designed a method to help get heavy packages up a 15º ramp. In your system a package is attached to a rope, which runs parallel to the ramp and over a pulley at the top of the ramp. After passing over the pulley the other end of the rope is attached to a counterweight, which hangs straight down. In your design the mass of the counterweight is always adjusted to be twice the mass of the package. Your boss is worried about this pulley system. In particular, she is concerned that the package will be too difficult to handle at the top of the ramp and tells you to calculate its acceleration. To determine the influence of friction between the ramp and the package you run some tests. You find that you can push a 58.0 kg package with a horizontal force of 262 Newtons at a constant speed along a level floor made of the same material as the ramp.

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