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  1. MATHS

    Two different schools (A and B) have the same number of pupils. The ratio of the boys in school A and the boys in school B is 2:1 and the ratio of the girls in school A and the girls in school B is 4:5. Find the ratio of the boys in school A to the girls

  2. Algebra

    At an ordinary rate, a man can row the distance from A to B, about 15 km, in 5 hours less time than it takes him to return. Could he double his rate, his time to B would only be one hour less than his time to A. What is his usual rate in still water? What

  3. chemistry


  4. math

    3.the total amount Jurene paid for 5 kilos of rice and 2 kilos of fish is less than php 600 a.what mathematical statement represents the total amount Jurene paid?Define the variables used. b.suppose a kilo of rice costs php 35.what could be the greatest

  5. math

    A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes.Another lighthouse flashes every 18 mins. If the two lighhouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?

  6. chemistry

    oxidation state of nitrogen in n2h4

  7. math

    i am three digits number.i am a common multiple of 3,7 and 11.the sum of my digits is 6.what number am i?what number am i if the sum of my digits is 18?

  8. Math

    Tickets for a play cost Php 250 for adults and Php 200 for children.The sponsor of the show collected a total amount of not more than lhp 44,000 from more than 150 adults and children who watched the play. A. What mathematical statements represents the

  9. Physics

    A cheetah can run approximately 100 km/hr and a gazelle at 80.0 km/hr. If both animals are running at full speed, with the gazelle 70.0 m ahead, how long before the cheetah catches its prey?

  10. MATH


  11. social studies

    what points does a legislature have to consider while formulating laws?

  12. Math

    A jeepney ride in Lucena costs P 9.00 for the first 4 kilometers, and each additional kilometers adds P0.75 to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare F in terms of the distance d in kilometers. - 11. a. F(d) = {9 if o >d ≤4 b.

  13. Biology

    Draw the map of Nigeria showing the local biotic communities in Nigeri

  14. Science

    A body of mass 5 kg is moving with velocity 10m/s . Find its momentum

  15. Math

    Two forces F1 and F2 act on a particle. F1 has magnitude 5N and in direction 30 degrees and F2 has magnitude 8N and in direction 90 degrees. Find the magnitude and direction of resultant.

  16. math

    1. Which angles are adjacent angles? (1 point) ∠GBM and ∠FBC ∠CBX and ∠FBC ∠XBG and ∠FBC ∠MBY and ∠FBC 2. The measure of ∠3 is 101°. Find the measure of ∠1. (1 point) 101° 106° 74° 79° 3. Is line l parallel to line m? Explain.

  17. Statistics

    Four people(North, South, East, West) are each dealt 13 cards from an ordinary deck of 52 cards. a. If South has exactly one ace, what is the probability that his partner North has the other three aces? b. If North and South together have 10 hearts, what

  18. science

    What qualifies a fossil to be used to find the absolute age of rocks?(1 point) if the plant or animal existed for a long period of time and in a small area if the plant or animal existed for a long period of time and in a wide area if the plant or animal

  19. physics

    On a 200 km bike cycle ride, you ride the first 90 km at an average speed of 20 m/s. What must your average speed over the next 40 km be to have your average speed for the total 200 km be? (a) 60 m/s? (b) Given this average speed for the first 90 km, can

  20. Mathematics

    Ama is four times as old as Akua. In ten years time, Ama will be twice as old as Akua. What is their ages.

  21. physics

    A uniform road AB of mass 6g is balanced horizontal about a knife edge at a distance of 3cm from end A where a mass of 8g is hanging .Find the length of the rod

  22. math

    a clock is set right 9:00 pm and it gains 1 min in the first three hours and loses 1 min in every fourth hour and follows the same pattern there on .identify the time the clock will show at 1:00 pm the next day .

  23. Civics

    list the major local/world civic problems

  24. Computer

    Write an algorithm to calculate the percentage of a student.

  25. Math

    1. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement 2. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle 3. Classify the triangle with side lengths 4,4, and 4 4. Classify the triangle with the measuring 69,42, and 68, 5.

  26. Maths

    jason went shopping, he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

  27. social

    write down six points to reduce the loss in the business sector in Nepal

  28. Algebra

    1.A motorcycle has a reserved fuel of 0.5 liter which can be used if it's 3-liter fuel tank is about to be emptied. The motorcycle consumes at most 0.5 liter fuel for every 20 km of travel. a. What mathematical statement represents the amount of fuel that

  29. Language arts Help

    MacNeil asks, "When before in human history has so much humanity collectively surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?" What is this persuasive technique called? A. Repetition B. A generalization C. A rhetorical question D. A

  30. algebra

    (2*log7 16)/(log3(√10+1)+log3(√10-1)log7 2

  31. Math

    3. What is 0.72 written as a simplified fraction? (1 point) seventy-two over one hundred one hundred over seventy-two thirty-six over fifty eighteen over twenty-five 4. Ms. Johnson’s class is having a pizza party. If there are 14 students and 7 pizzas

  32. algebra

    If p≠q and p² = 5p-3 and q² = 5q-3 the equation having roots as p/q and q/p is

  33. science

    a man wishes to swin across a river 600 m wide. If can swim at the rate of 4 km/hr in still water and the river flows at 2 km/hr. Then in what direction must he swim to reach a point exactly opposite to the starting point bnd when will he reach it ?

  34. maths --plse help me..

    what acute angle does a line of slope -2/3 make with vertical line.

  35. Math

    A car traveled 281 miles in 4 hours 41 minutes. What was the average speed of the car in miles per hour? 4 hours 41 minutes = 4 × 60 + 41 = 281 minutes Average speed S is given by distance/ time. S = 281 miles/281 minutes =1 mile/minute = 60 miles/hour

  36. arithmetic

    the sum of the n termsof an ap whose first term is 5 and common difference is 36 is equal to the sum of 2n terms of another AP whose first term is 36 ans common difference is 5. Find n?

  37. math

    what is the 10th term in this arithemetic sequence of 2,9,16,23,30?

  38. Physics HELP ASAP PLEASE

    A hawk is flying horizontally at 10 m/s in a straight line 200m above the ground. A mouse it was carrying is released from its grasp. The hawk continues on its path at the same speed for two seconds before attempting to retrieve its prey. To accomplis the

  39. french

    Remplacez les mots soulignes par un adverbe en ' ment' Example ;Il marche dans la rue se depecher. Il marche lentement1] Il a critique le film avec ironie. 2]Nous avons fete la nouvelle annee dans la joie. 3]Il a explique la situation sans s'enerver.

  40. math

    The number of boys in a certain class exceed the number of girls by 7. If the number of boys is 5/4 of the number of girls, how many boys are there in the class? The choices of answers are: a) 21 b) 28 c) 35 d) 42 e) 63 I figured out that the answer is 35,

  41. Statistics/probability

    Of 120 students, 60 are studying French, 50 are studying Latin and 20 are studying French and Latin. Find the probability that a student is: (a) studying French or Latin and (b) studying neither.

  42. physics

    two people are pushing a car of mass 2000kg. if they each push with a force of 320N at an angle of 15degrees to each side of the car, calculate the acceleration of the car, assuming no resistance... please help

  43. Maths

    The volume of a hemispherical shell of outer radius 7 cm and inner radius 3.5 cm is​

  44. math

    In which situation are unbalanced forces acting on an object? (1 point) Two people stand on the same side of a large tire. Both people pull the tire with equal force. Two people stand on the same side of a large tire. One person pushes the tire and the

  45. Physics

    A body is projected upward at an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal at an initial speed of 200ms-1 in how many seconds will it reach the ground?how far from the point of projection will it strike?

  46. mathematics

    A sports medicine major wanted to conduct an experiment to determine if there is a correlation between the members of the soccer team's leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. He sets up the following test and records the data:

  47. Science

    What was unknown to scientists during Wegener’s time?(1 point) Earth’s crust is made of plates that move. Mountain ranges of some continents lined up. The coasts of some continents fit together. Fossils were found in many places.

  48. Lesson 9: "A Meeting in the Dark," Part II English

    1. In the story "A Meeting in the Dark", John's character advances the plot and communicates the theme through each of the following conflicts except (1 point) A)man vs. man B)man vs. nature** C)man vs. society D)man vs. himself 2)What is the central idea

  49. language arts

    According to The Diary Of Anne Frank, why did the Frank family move from Germany to Holland when Anne was a small child? The answers are 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B 6.C These are 100% correct!!

  50. language arts connections academy 8th grade

    does anyone have answers to the Lesson 12: Setting Goals Unit Test Language Arts 8 A Unit 5: Setting Goals

  51. Science

    How many grams of potassium dichromate are required to prepare a 250ml solution of whose concentration is 2.16m.?

  52. mathamatics,physics

    1.A vibrating object completes 240 cycles in 15 s. What is its frequency, in hertz? 240 Hz 16 Hz 0.0625 Hz 15 Hz 2.A standing wave is set up in a pool 24 m long which contains six loops. What is the wavelength? 8m 24m 48m 4m 3.A jet is flying at Mach 1.5.

  53. history

    1.Identify one social factor that influenced American imperialism. A. white man’s burden B. spread of religion C. trade opportunities D. spread of democracy 2.Which event proved that the U.S. purchase of Alaska had been a good investment? A. Alaska

  54. physics

    a horizontal plate is vibrating vertically with simple harmonic motion at a frequency of 20 Hz.What is the amplitude of vibration so that the fine sand on the plate always remain in contact with it?

  55. Language Arts

    Read the excerpt from Team Moon. The heavier the spacecraft, the harder it is to launch. And fuel is heavy. So it was critical to pinpoint the fuel needed, add a cushion, then take no more than necessary. But now, because the landing was taking far longer

  56. Science

    We know that this block is in vertical equilibrium, so ΣFup=ΣFdown . Based on the figure above and using the quantities indicated in this figure, please specify the expressions for ΣFup and ΣFdown : Explicitly indicate multiplication with a * symbol.

  57. Science

    1. Which kind of data is used to make a sonar map of the ocean floor? A. the amount of spreading that occurs on the ocean floor B. the time it takes an underwater vehicle to reach the ocean floor C. the amount of light that reaches the ocean floor D. the

  58. Algebra,USA TEST PREP Unit 4 Test

    Question 1.Which expression DOES NOT represent a square root of a perfect square integer

  59. Language arts

    pls hep me. Read the excerpt from Immigrant Kids by Russell Freedman. But the journey was not yet over. Before they could be admitted to the United States, immigrants had to pass through Ellis Island, which became the nation's chief immigrant processing

  60. Science Test

    Which of the following statements is TRUE. Sexual reproduction involves two parents, a male and a female.*** Asexual reproduction increases genetic diversity. Asexual reproduction involves two parents, a male and a female. Sexual reproduction decreases the

  61. mathematics

    a traveler moves from a town p on a bearing of 055degree to another town q 200 km away, he then moves from q on a bearing of 155degree to another town r 400km from q.find the distance between p and r,bearing of p from r correct to 3significant figures

  62. physics

    A driver at Dewaan Motors is testing a new model car with a speedometer calibrated to read m/s rather than km/h. The following series of speedometer readings was obtained during a test run along a long, straight road: Time (s) 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19

  63. mathematics

    Write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form. 15 girls to 6 boys *

  64. English

    What is the purpose of a deadline? A. To make sure group discussions stay respectful on topic. B. To ensure every group member has an active role. C. To make a clear statement of what the group needs to accomplish. D. To help make sure a group knows when

  65. physics

    calculate the weight of a stone of mass 10 kg and density 10000kg/m³ when it is totally immersed in water

  66. physics

    Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise. Draw a digital circuit that implements the following Boolean function (do not

  67. Logic

    DAD=18, FISH=84, FEED=40, what is BEACH?

  68. English

    Which of the following is an example of a metaphor? A. Your eyes are like glittering diamonds. B. Your fingers dance across the keyboard. C. Your heart is ice. D. Your lips are as pink as roses.

  69. chemistry

    Predict how the entropy of the substance is affected in each of the processes. A. H2O(l,300K)⟶H2O(s,273K) B. O2(g,300K)⟶O2(g,800K) C. Ar(l)⟶Ar(g)

  70. math

    Let f be the function with f(0) = 1/ (pi)^2, f(2) = 1/(pi)^2, and the derivative given by f'(x) = (x+1)cos ((pi)(x)). How many values of x in the open interval (0, 2) satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem for the function f on the closed

  71. Maths

    Nine cards are numbered 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6, 6.Three of the nine cards are chosen and placed in a line, making a 3-digit number. Find how many different numbers can be made in this way if the number is between 200 and 300. Tell me answer in terms of

  72. Math

    Find the 19th term of the ap 5/6, 8/6 11/6

  73. maths

    1. Papa Tom Smurf is a smurf-player. He wants to take two smurfettes out on a date. There are 3 blue smurfettes, 5 navy smurfettes and 2 turquoise smurfettes. a) What’s the probability that the smurfettes he dates are of different colours? (4) b) If he

  74. math

    Ace Rubber company manufacture three types of tires: Model P, the premium, Model S, the second line, and Model E, the economy. Model P sells for Birr 95 per tire and costs Birr 85 per tire to make, Model S sells for Birr 78 per tire and costs Birr 72 per

  75. Biology

    How are proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides similar? (1 point) A. They contain the same atoms and types of bonds between atoms. ****** B. They are natural polymers composed of repeating monomeric units. C. They are formed during exergonic metabolic

  76. math

    A factory produced 2300 TV sets in its first year of production. 4500 sets were produced in its second year and 500 more sets were produced in its third year than in its second year. How many TV sets were produced in three years?

  77. Math

    3 quarters of a sum of money is 21p. What is the sum of money.

  78. Physics

    A girl whose weight is 30 N runs up a flight of stairs 5 m in 6 s. What is her average power

  79. History

    1. Which of the following is true about indentured servants but not slaves? Select all that apply. A. they worked for four to seven years and then were freed from servitude*** B. They worked harder C. They were less likely to run away D. They were

  80. math

    Between which two consecutive integers does the radical square root of 15 lie?

  81. math

    U= { all positive integer less than or equal to 30} M={all even positive numbers less than or equal to 20} N={all odd number less than or equal to 19} S={all integer x: 10

  82. Biology

    Write with the aid of map describe the local biotic community in Nigeria

  83. English

    1. My father drives me to school. 2. I go to school in my father's car. 3. I go to school by my father's car. [Can we use 'by' in the sentence?] 4. I go to school by car. 5. I drive a car to school. 6. I drive my car to school. [Does #4 mean #5 or #6? When

  84. social studies

    hi!! just a few questions that i need answer checks on. thanks! During medieval times Europe's major cities would most likely be located near which of the following? A. Mountain ranges B. Deserts C. Forests D. Rivers*** Which Germanic tribe defeated the

  85. Math

    3. Solve the equation using substitution. x + y = 8 y = 3x

  86. social studies

    which of the following was one way different regions of the the country agreed? A. support of slavery B. support for the war of 1812 C. support for foreign policies D. support of economic stability i think its B. am i right?

  87. Maths literacy life science and geography

    Can i become a nurse if i studyed maths literacy life science and geography?

  88. Chemistry

    What volume of oxygen at NTP is required to oxydize 100gram of glucose ?

  89. American History

    Based on the information on the map, what can you infer about industry in the United States? A. Manufacturing was a key part of the economy in the Northeast*** B. Agriculture was the main industry in the south C. Mills in the Northeast had to be close to

  90. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure

  91. L.A 8TH

    For each pair of shapes, decide whether they are congruent, similar, or neither. Choose the best answer. Congruent Similar Neither Two side-side-side triangles are shown. Each side of one triangle is equivalent to the corresponding side of the other

  92. math

    Diagonal of a rhombus are in the ratio 3:4. If its perimeter is 40cm, find the length of the side and diagonals of rhombus

  93. physics

    a car of mass 1200 kg starts from rest, accelerates uniformly to a speed 4ms-1 in 2 seconds and continues moving at this constant speed in a horizontal straight line for additional 10s. the brakes are then applied and the car is brought to rest in 4s. a

  94. Math

    Write the first five terms of the sequence defined by the recursive formula an = 5an-1 -1, with a1=0

  95. maths

    A fruit drink is made by mixing juice and lemonade in the ratio : 1 : 4 (juice : lemonade) Juice costs £6.00 per litre. Lemonade costs 50p per litre. a) show that 1 litre of the fruit drink costs £1.60 to make. b) The fruit drink is sold for £2 a litre.

  96. Math

    Which ratios form a proportion? a. 4/9, 12/25 b. 3/7, 18/42 c. 5/11, 20/45 d. 5/8, 15/25 Which ratio forms a proportion with 18/30? a. 20/35 b. 50/90 c. 36/48 d. 60/100 Which proportion has cross products of 5 x 24 and 8 x 15? a. 5/8=15/24 b. 5/24=8/15 c.

  97. Social Studies

    What was Alexander Hamilton’s main reason for insisting that all the nation’s debts must be paid in full?

  98. Chemistry

    0.222g Of A Divalent Metal Is Deposited When A Current Of 0.45 Amperes Is Passed Through A Solution Of It's Salt For 25 Minutes Using Appropriate Electrodes. Calculate The Relative Atomic Mass Of The Metal. (1 Faraday =96500c/mol)

  99. General Mathematics

    A jeepney ride costs P8.00 for the first 4 kilometers, and each additional integer kilometers adds P1.50 to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in terms of the distance (d) in kilometers.

  100. algebra

    The denominator of a fraction is 3 more than twice the numerator. If both the numerator and denominator are decreased by 7 and the simplified result is 7/19 find the original fraction