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  1. math

    A man would gain 25% by selling a chair for rs47.5 and would gain 15% by selling a table for rs57.5.he sells the chair for rs36.what is least price for which he must sell table to avoid any loss on the two together?

  2. math

    Given that the number 1372x413 is divisible by 11, where x is a digit, then the value of x is To find if number is divisible by 11, difference of sum of digits at even places and sum of digits at odd places should be either 0 or 11. is this correct?????

  3. Chemistry

    How many grams of a solid mixture containing strontium chloride would one need to make 558 mL of a 0.100 M strontium chloride solution, if the solid mixture contains 58.6% strontium chloride by weight

  4. Algebra 1

    Plz help me with the following problems. Simplify. 5^-1(3^-2) Simplify. mn^-4/p^0q^-2 Write a scientific notation. 0.0042 Write in standard notation. 6.12*10^3 Simplify. Write in scientific notation. 0.5(8 * 10^5) Simplify. Write in scientific notation. (9

  5. MATHS

    Two different schools (A and B) have the same number of pupils. The ratio of the boys in school A and the boys in school B is 2:1 and the ratio of the girls in school A and the girls in school B is 4:5. Find the ratio of the boys in school A to the girls

  6. Language/ Central Idea or Theme Quick Check

    1. Which of the following describes the theme of a story?(1 point) a statement that gives the most important facts of the story a message about life that is explored and expressed the idea that connects the story's parts the key details regarding

  7. English

    help and check please . If got wrong help please. My answers have * by it Choose the meaning of the bold words in questions 1-6 1. Men hold me/ FORMIDABLE for GUILE in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim. (from the Odyssey, Part

  8. MATHS

    ABCD is a cyclic quadrilateral in which angle BAD=70,angle ADC=80 and angle ABD=55,AC and BD intersect at M,find angle CMD

  9. chemistry

    oxidation state of nitrogen in n2h4

  10. Physics

    A spinning top has a diameter of 10 cm. A point on the outer rim of the top moves through an angle of 8¶ radians each second. A) what is the angular velocity of the point? B) what is the distance moved by the point in 5 seconds? C) what is the velocity of

  11. Statistics

    Two cards are drawn in succession from a deck without replacement. What is the probability that both cards are greater than 2 and less than 8?

  12. math

    A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes.Another lighthouse flashes every 18 mins. If the two lighhouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?

  13. math

    In a class of 150 students 70 passed in verbal and 90 passed in aptitude.10 failed in both the many students passed in both subject

  14. English

    1.) Which of the following excerpts from Orpheus and Eurydice is an example of hyperbole? a.) ...even the ice-hard heart of Hades melted b.) ...the music he played tore at the hearts of everyone who followed. c.) ...Persephone, her face veiled by the

  15. physics

    A resultant force of 20 N gives a body of mass m an acceleration of 8 m/s^2 and a body of mass m' acceleration of 24 m/s^2. What acceleration will this force cause the two masses to acquire if fastened together.

  16. Check my answers SS

    Which of the following state program areas consumes the largest part of the executive budget? (1 point) human services education *** natural resources transportation 2. Which state department is responsible for mental health-related issues and welfare? (1

  17. Health

    the heart is composed of how many loops

  18. math

    1. Which angles are adjacent angles? (1 point) ∠GBM and ∠FBC ∠CBX and ∠FBC ∠XBG and ∠FBC ∠MBY and ∠FBC 2. The measure of ∠3 is 101°. Find the measure of ∠1. (1 point) 101° 106° 74° 79° 3. Is line l parallel to line m? Explain.

  19. Math! Please Help!

    1. What is the simplified form of (–3x^3y^2)(5xy^–1)? I think it is 15x^4y 2. What is the simplified form of –9m^–2n^5 × 2m^–3n^–6? I have no idea on this one. :/ 3. A rectangular pasture has a fence around the perimeter. The length of the

  20. Math

    Please explain to me how to solve: A circular mirror is surrounded by a square metal frame. The radius of the mirror is 5x. The side length of the metal frame is 15x. What is the area of the metal frame? Write your answer in factored form.

  21. Chemistry

    The enthalpy of fusion of methanol (CH3OH) is 3.16 KJ/mol. How much heat would be absorbed or released upon freezing 25.6 grams of methanol?

  22. Chemistry

    Calculate the molarity and the molality of an NH3 solution made up of 30 g of NH3 in 70 g of water. The density of the solution is 0.982 g/ml. Molar Mass of NH3 = 17.04 g

  23. college physics

    A 280 g wood block is firmly attached to a very light horizontal spring, as shown in the figure . The block can slide along a table where the coefficient of friction is 0.30. A force of 22 N compresses the spring 18 cm. If the spring is released from this

  24. Physics

    A person is riding on a flatcar traveling at a constant speed of 200 km/s (Fig.). He wishes to throw a ball through a stationary hoop 90 km above the height of his hands in such a manner that the ball will move horizontally as it passes through the hoop.

  25. physics

    A driver at Dewaan Motors is testing a new model car with a speedometer calibrated to read m/s rather than km/h. The following series of speedometer readings was obtained during a test run along a long, straight road: Time (s) 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19

  26. math

    Johnson had 22,000 shares in a blue chip company before a stock split of 2:1. How many shares does Johnson have after the stock split? 44,000 66,000 88,000 11,000

  27. English

    Which of the following sentences from the happy man best supports the theme selected above? (The above theme was -Too much of a good thing can make a person sick) a. "Inside him, he felt a boundless power, an imperishable energy, an ability to achieve

  28. Geometry

    1 - Complete this statement: A polygon with all sides the same length is said to be___. a. regular b. equilateral *** c. equiangular d. convex 2- A road sign is in the shape of a regular heptagon. What is the measure of each angle on the sign? round to the

  29. Social Studies

    Which event spread Islam to India?

  30. physics

    The position of a particle moving along the x axis is given by x = (21 + 22t − 6t^2)m, where t is in s. What is the average velocity during the time interval t = 1s to t = 3s?

  31. science

    Which combination of sex chromosomes results in a male human being? 1 XX 2 YY 3 XY 4 either XX or YY is it a?

  32. Math

    1. Name one pair of congruent angles. (1 point) ∠PQR and ∠VST ∠PRQ and ∠SVT ∠RQP and ∠TVS ∠QPR and ∠STV 2. Name one pair of congruent sides. (1 point) Segments PR and SV Segments QR and ST Segments RP and TS Segments PQ and VS 3. Which

  33. physics need help

    An object , constrained to move along the x-axis is acted upon by a force F(x)=ax + bx^2 where a=5N/m , b=-2m/s The object is observed directly from x=1m to x=3.0 m... How much work is done by the force?

  34. MUSIC

    1. What is the difference between composition and improvisation? Choose the correct. A. Composition is the art of making music spontaneously, while improvisations are carefully planned. B. Improvisation is the art of making music spontaneously, while

  35. Chemistry

    Equilibrium is established between Br2(l) and Br2(g) at 25.0*C. A 250.0 mL sample of the vapor weights 0.486g. What is the vapor pressure of bromine at 25.0*C, in mmHg?

  36. Mathematics

    If a chord of length 10cm is at a distance of 12 cm from the centre of a circle. Find the radius of the circle.

  37. Health.. NEED HELP ASAP

    1. True or False The number of calories consumed must equal the numbers of calories burned A.True B.False 2.Which of the following factors that contribute to your weight do you have the least amount of control over? A. Activity level B. Peers c. Body

  38. devi

    cheena spent 3/4 of her pocket money. she spend 1/2 of it on a book 1/6 on movie and rest on dress what amount she spend on dress

  39. Math

    1. Does the table represent an exponential function? X: 1, 2, 3, 4 Y:-1,-8,-27,-64 Yes or No? I am confused on this, so help would be nice. Thank you.

  40. Algebra 1

    Which point on the axis satisfies the inequality y

  41. Chemistry

    An electron is excited from the n=1 ground state to the n=3 state in a hydrogen atom. Which of the following statements are true? Correct the false statements to make them true. A. It takes more energy to ionize (completely remove) the electron from n=3

  42. Math PLZ HELP

    1. Which of the following expressions is written in scientific notation? 1. 73.4 x 105 2. 0.09 × 107 3. 80 x 103 4. 4.22 x 10–3 2. Which of the following is 0.0000000708 written in scientific notation? 1. 7.08 x 10–8 2. 7.8 x 10–8 3. 708 x 10–10

  43. Please help with 5 math questions

    1. 7r – 7 = 2r + 18 r = –5 r = 5 r = 2.2 r = 1.2 2. 2x + 12 = 18 – x x = 3 x = 10 x = 6 x = 2 3. 8x – 3 = 15x + 18 x = –3 x = 3 x = 2.1 x = .9 4. 6y – 6 = 4y + 16 y = 2.2 y = –2.2 y = 11 y = 5 5. 3(x – 4) = 5(x + 2) x = 11 x = –11 x = 1 x

  44. College Physics

    Electronics and inhabitants of the International Space Station generate a significant amount of thermal energy that the station must get rid of. The only way that the station can exhaust thermal energy is by radiation, which it does using thin, 2.2

  45. calculus

    Let f be a differentiable function such that f(3) = 2 and f'(3) = 5. If the tangent line to the graph of f at x = 3 is used to find an approximation to a zero of f, that approximation is? So confused

  46. physic

    A roller-coaster car has a mass of 500 kg when fully loaded with passengers. The car passes over a hill of radius 15 m, as shown. At the top of the hill, the car has a speed of 8 m/s. What is the force of the track on the car at the top of the hill?

  47. APUSH

    How did nostalgia for the past encourage social reform?

  48. Language arts

    Question 1 A) Which characteristic is true of a theme?(1 point) It is not stated by the author outright. ***** It is not linked to symbols. It is explained by the author. It is a summary of the plot. Question 2 A) Which description best defines a theme?(1

  49. Language Arts

    What does explicit mean?(1 point) information stated directly xxx information understood from context information that is inferred information that is somewhat vague What is an inference? (1 point) a detail the author provides in a text a conclusion based

  50. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following best describes text evidence?(1 point) A. ideas or conclusions about details that are hinted at but not stated B. information or details from a text that support an idea or analysis*** C. data on the amount of time it takes to

  51. Cultural Literacy Unit test (ELA plz plz plz help)

    Cultural Literacy Unit Test The Forgotten Ear of Corn An Arikara woman was once gathering corn from the field to store away for winter use. She passed from stalk to stalk, tearing off the ears and dropping them into her folded robe. When all was gathered

  52. Mathematics

    The sum of interior angles of a regular polygon is 1080 degrees .What is the number of triangles the polygon can subdivide into

  53. ELA

    Which of the following statements are true about transitions?(1 point) Transitions can making writing unclear to the reader. Transitions connect ideas for the reader. Transitions are found at the end of sentences. Transitions can also be called topic

  54. Maths

    AA × AA = BOB, A^A= A × A, PP × PP = PAP. If each letter in the given equations stands for a number between 1 to 9, what is PP × AA?

  55. Finance

    You invested $2,000 in the stock market one year ago. Today, the investment is valued at $1,620. What return would you need to get next year to break even overall?

  56. Physics

    1,Aclimber Of Mass 80Kg Is On A Steep Rock Face.The Force X That The Rock Exerts On The Climber Is At An Angle Of 50 degree To The Vertical.Y,the Other Force On The Climber,keeps Him In Equilibrium&is Provided By Arope At An Angke Of 40 Degree To The

  57. Calculus

    A baseball diamond is a square 90 ft on a side. A player runs from first base to second base at 10 ft/sec. At what rate is the player's distance from home base increasing when he is half way from first to second base?

  58. Math please help

    Help me on this assignment Find the missing angle measure. Then classify the triangle by its angles (45' on the top left 105' on the middle bottom x on the bottom right) a.35' right b.35' obtuse c.35' scalene d.35' acute I think its c but I don't know

  59. Science

    1. How does Earth’s rotation cause day and night? (1 point) As Earth rotates toward the east, the sun appears to rise in the west and set in the east. As Earth rotates toward the east, the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west. Earth

  60. History

    The outcomes of the Hewett treaty that proved to be disastrous for Ethiopia were_and_

  61. Social Studies

    How were the Spartans able to focus on military training and fighting? A. The slaves grew their food for them. B. The women at home grew their food for them. C. The children grew food for them. D. The men grew the food when they were not fighting Which of

  62. Social

    Which option describes a pull factor that influenced European immigration to the untied states ? A) land scarcity B) industrial jobs ** C) political unrest D) religious persecution

  63. History

    1. What is a reason that the Missouri Compromise did not have lasting effects? A. It only applied to the lands of the Luisiana Purchase B. It only applied to the lands of the Mexican Cession C. It relied on popular sovereignty D. It limited the number of

  64. Can someone check my answer plzzz!!!

    Simplify (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4 show your work IS this right?? (6x^-2)^2 * (0.5x)^4 =6^2 x^-4 *(0.5)^4 x^4 =(36 * 0.0625) * (x^4 * x^-4) = 2.25 * x^0 =2.25 *1 =2.25 is this right Can you check my answer?

  65. Math

    1. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement 2. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle 3. Classify the triangle with side lengths 4,4, and 4 4. Classify the triangle with the measuring 69,42, and 68, 5.

  66. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure

  67. Math

    Tickets for a play cost Php 250 for adults and Php 200 for children.The sponsor of the show collected a total amount of not more than lhp 44,000 from more than 150 adults and children who watched the play. A. What mathematical statements represents the

  68. Social Studies (Grade 8)

    What should be your first task when you begin a new lesson? A. Read the section in the online textbook B Start to fill out the Vocabulary knowledge rating chart C Take the lesson assessment D Copy the comprehension questions into the Lesson Nate taking

  69. Math

    Please Help! The number of cars sold weekly by a new automobile dealership grows according to a linear growth model. The first week the dealership sold five cars (P0=5 ). The second week the dealership sold cars (P1=12 Pn = Pn−1+7 12-5=7 Pn=5+7n If this

  70. Social Studies

    Which event indicates that deflation is occurring? 1-a savings account can suddenly buy much more than before 2- the profits of a clothing factory increase rapidly. 3- The length of time it takes to pay off a home loan decreases by five years 4- A local

  71. Maths

    The scale on a map is 1:200 000. Work out the number of kilometres represented by 2.5 cm on the map. I've never done a question like this before. If you can help I would be really grateful.

  72. Maths

    A shop keeper gives an offer 'buy one get one free'on the suits marked at Rs.630 each and still makes a profit if 20%. Find the C.P of each suit

  73. Physical Ed

    Could you help me with this please? 1. Telling a child that he won't amount to anything in life is a form of A. neglect B. emotional abuse (My answer) c. physical abuse d. sexual abuse

  74. SS

    "We seek no conquest. All we ask it to be left alone According to this quote which statement best summarizes the souths agenda continue their way of life unchanged b to accept changes to the plantation system c. to change the souths borders d. to

  75. Algebra

    An engineer designs a satellite dish with a parabolic cross section. The dish is 10 ft wide at the​ opening, and the focus is placed 8 ft from the vertex. ​a) Position a coordinate system with the origin at the vertex and the​ x-axis on the​

  76. Algebra

    Use the properties of exponents to simplify the following expression. Write the answer in scientific notation. (5.6x10^5) (9.9x10^-8) divided by (8.4x10^-4) (5x10^6) =28.9x10^-1 I added 5.6 9.9 8.4 5 5+-8+-4+6+ -1

  77. MATH


  78. math

    1. QTR and ______ are complementary. QTS * RTS PTN QT 2. QTN and _____ are supplementary. QTS QTP * RTS PTR 5. PTN is adjacent to _____. QTR PTS RTS NTS *

  79. Chemistry

    The pH of a 0.095 M solution of an unknown monoprotic acid is 5.42. Calculate the Ka of the acid. A) 3.8 x 10-6 B) 3.6 x 10-7 C) 1.5 x 10-10 D) 2.6 x 10-9 E) 2.8 x 10-8 ​

  80. Math

    1. Which polygon will always be irregular? A. triangle B. trapezoid** C. square D. hexagon 2. Which statements are always true about regular polygons? (Choose 2) A. All sides are congruent B. Pairs of sides are parallel** C. All angles are congruent** D.

  81. Math HELP PLZZ!!

    1. To ________________ means to cut into two congruent parts. A: intersect B: bisect •• C: construct D: divide 2. Which tool is not needed to construct a perpendicular bisector? A: compass B: pencil C:protractor •• D: straightedge 3. Which point is

  82. U

    Which of the following passages from the novel most accurately reflects the political climate of the United States in the early sixties? A. Let's see, where was the 'Coloreds only' bathroom downtown? B. Bright in the spot where the little bird had crashed

  83. Health

    {1} which is the best example of a win-win situation. A. One side gets what it wants.... B. Both sides get what they want but one side get more.... C equal need are met for both sides....D neither side get what it wants. I think C is the answer. {2} A

  84. MATH

    find the like terms in the expression y+ 1.2y + 1.2z. A y and 1.2y B 1.2y and 1.2z C y and 1.2z D y,1.2y, and 1.2z Simplify 2 + 17x - 5x + 9 A 19x + 4 B 12x + 11 C 22x + 11 D 15x - 4 simplify 3(5y+6)-4 A 11y + 14 B 11y + 18 C 15y + 14 D 15y + 2 Factor 81 -

  85. Math

    Find the value of an odd natural number x if LCM(x, 40)=1400

  86. Physics

    A black mamba snake has a length of 4.3 m and a top speed of 8.9 m/s! Suppose a mongoose and a black mamba find themselves nose to nose. In an effort to escape, the snake accelerates at 20 m/s2 from rest. (a) How much time does it take for the snake to

  87. physics

    While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 6.93 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 17.1 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone

  88. physics

    A bullet is fired vertically upward from a gun and reaches a height of 7000 ft. Find its initial velocity. How long does it take to reach its maximum height? How long is it in flight?


    You are driving your car and the traffic light ahead turns red. You applied the brake for 3.00 seconds and the velocity of the car decreases to 4.50 m/s. The car's deceleration has a magnitude of 2.70 m/s^2 during this time. What is the car's displacement?

  90. Science Check Answer?

    1. Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter them during breathing. A. trachea, pharynx, larynx, alveoli, bronchi B. bronchi, larynx, alveoli, trachea, pharynx C. larynx, trachea, bronchi, pharynx, alveoli D.

  91. Algebra

    how to solve algebra equation √(5x^2 )+7x+2-√(4x^2+7x+18) =x-4

  92. chemistry

    I'm not sure how to solve this: If 125 cal of heat is applied to a 60.0-g piece of copper at 20.0∘C , what will the final temperature be? The specific heat of copper is 0.0920 cal/(g⋅∘C). Express the final temperature numerically in degrees Celsius

  93. help-3 questions

    5. Which of the following is an important criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of a graphic organizer? how colorful it is how well it conveys information how many pages it is how many words it contains 6. How was information conveyed in the Google

  94. English- Anyone who has read The Odyssey

    What is the effect of the epic simile in lines 118-131 of the excerpt from the Odyssey, Part 3? Sometimes in farmyards when the cows return well-fed from the pasture to the barn, one sees the pens give way before the calves in tumult, breaking through to

  95. Physics Angular Motion

    a 5.0 kg mass attached to the end of a string swings in a vertical circle (radius 2m) when the mass is at its lowest point on the circle the speed of the mass is 12 m/s. What is the tension of the string at this point?

  96. physics 70

    A .275 kg. object is swung in a vertical circular path on a string .850 m. long. A) What are the forces acting on the ball at any point along this path? B) Draw free-body diagrams for the ball when it is at the bottom of the circle and when it is at the

  97. English

    1. Which of the following would not be a good strategy for delivering a speech? Make sure your presentation equipment is running properly. *Start talking over the audience to quiet them down. Use correct grammar and well-formed sentences. Look directly at

  98. precalculus

    Outside temperature over a day can be modelled as a sinusoidal function. Suppose you know the temperature is 80 degrees at midnight and the high and low temperature during the day are 90 and 70 degrees, respectively. Assuming t is the number of hours since

  99. Math: Please help

    1. What is the simplified form of squared root 140? A.) 4 to the square root of 35 B.) 10 to the square root of 14 C.) 2 to the square root of 70 D.) 2 to the square root of 35 Please show me how to do this Thank You

  100. calculus

    Find the minimum amount of tin sheet that can be made into a closed cylinder havin g a volume of 108 cu. Inches in square inches.