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  1. math

    if a car drives at a speed of 90km/h for 2 hours and 20 minutes. How far does the car drive?

  2. Maths

    jason went shopping, he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

  3. marketing

    Alex is developing the marketing strategy for a brand of men's clothing. Before he develops his strategy, Alex will conduct research to better understand his customers. Briefly describe a conceptual model that includes the factors he should consider in his

  4. Mathematics

    Perfume is sold in two different sizes of bottle The 80ml bottle is priced at £55 The 50ml bottle is usually priced at £45, but is on special offer If you buy one 50ml bottle of perfume, you get a second for half price By calculating the price per ml

  5. MATHS

    Two different schools (A and B) have the same number of pupils. The ratio of the boys in school A and the boys in school B is 2:1 and the ratio of the girls in school A and the girls in school B is 4:5. Find the ratio of the boys in school A to the girls

  6. Operations Management

    Joe Henry's machine shop uses 2,500 brackets during the course of a year. These brackets are purchased from a supplier 90 miles away. the following information is known about the brackets. annual demand 2,500 holding cost per bracket per year $1.50 order

  7. math

    If the cone in question 22 is made of paper, and the paper is flattened out into the sector of a circle , what is the angle of the sector

  8. Math

    Prove 3(x+1)(x+7)-(2x+5)² is never positive So, 3(x+1)(x+7)-(2x+5)(2x+5) =3(x²+8x+7)-(4x²+20x+25) =3x²+24x+21-4x²-20x-25 =-x²+4x-4

  9. math

    A lighthouse flashes its light every 12 minutes.Another lighthouse flashes every 18 mins. If the two lighhouses flash together at 12:00 noon,at what time will they next flash together?

  10. physics

    A resultant force of 20 N gives a body of mass m an acceleration of 8 m/s^2 and a body of mass m' acceleration of 24 m/s^2. What acceleration will this force cause the two masses to acquire if fastened together.

  11. math

    3.the total amount Jurene paid for 5 kilos of rice and 2 kilos of fish is less than php 600 a.what mathematical statement represents the total amount Jurene paid?Define the variables used. b.suppose a kilo of rice costs php 35.what could be the greatest

  12. physics

    how many 0.25-pF capacitors must be connected in parallel in order to store 1.2uC of charge when connected to a battery providing a potential difference of 10v?

  13. Maths

    A speed camera takes two photographs of a car.Photo 2 was taken 0.5 seconds after Photo 1.Marks on the road are 0.8 meters apart.Calculate the average speed of the car in m/s? 7.2 m/s but when i submit answer i get 2 marks only not full 3 marks what am I

  14. Maths

    Dylan invested some money into his bank. He agreed on a simple interest rate of 3% per annum for a period of 2 years. At the end of the 2-year period, the value of his investment increased by£72 Work out the value of Dylan's initial investment.

  15. Math

    Do you think that advertised discounts are always the best deal? Why or why not? What is a real-world scenario in which the discount is not the best price? Think back to when you bought an item on sale or by using a discount. How did you determine the sale

  16. Maths

    I have this question, don't know where to start! The total length of ropes a,b and c is 270cm. Rope a is 20cm longer than rope c, but 50cm shorter than rope b. What is the length of rope b? Have tried dividing 270 by 3 giving 90, then just moving figures

  17. Algebra

    Find the range of the function f(x)=4x-1 for the domain {-1, 0, 1, 2, 3,}. a. {-5, -3, 0, 7, 11} b. {-5, -4, -3, -2, -1}*** c. {-11, -7, -3, 1, 5} d. {-5, -1, 3, 7, 11}

  18. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image? (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

  19. operation

    Adam Ziqry is the production manager of ABC Enterprise, a small producer of metal parts. ABC Enterprise supplies XYZ Sdn Bhd, a larger assembly Company, with 10,000 wheel bearings each year. This order has been stable for some time. Set up cost for ABC

  20. sociology

    Place these in order! 1. Women notice that plants are growing out of the seeds in their trash pile, where they had spit out their seeds. 2. Because there is plenty of food, a young woman can focus on just making clothes for everyone because she’s the

  21. mathematics

    The sides xy and xz of a triangle xyz are produced from points A and B respectively, if angle Ayz equals 105 degrees and angle Bzy is twice angle yxz. find the value of the angle.

  22. algebra

    2. The local recreation center charges members a registration fee and a separate monthly membership fee. The equation of the function given models the total fee, f(x), in dollars, that a person pays for x months of membership. f(x) = 25x + 50 What does the

  23. Mathematics

    there are 84 black blue and red pens altogether in a bag . there are 6 times as many blue pens as red pens . there are 4 more black pens than red pens. how many black pens are there?

  24. math

    The range of a set of numbers is 13.25. The smallest number is -3.875. Work out the largest number.

  25. Maths

    What is the two numbers greater than 40 that have 2 and 3 as their only prime factors?

  26. maths

    What is the 50th term of the linear sequence below? 27 , 25 , 23 , 21 , 19 ,

  27. math

    The driving distance between Manchester and London is 195 miles. Farris intends to travel from Manchester to London by coach. The coach will leave Manchester at 3:30pm Fairs assumes that the coach will travel at an average speed of 50 mph. A) Using his

  28. Math

    1. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement 2. Classify the triangle according to side length and angle 3. Classify the triangle with side lengths 4,4, and 4 4. Classify the triangle with the measuring 69,42, and 68, 5.

  29. Social Studies

    What was Alexander Hamilton’s main reason for insisting that all the nation’s debts must be paid in full?

  30. Math

    Tickets for a play cost Php 250 for adults and Php 200 for children.The sponsor of the show collected a total amount of not more than lhp 44,000 from more than 150 adults and children who watched the play. A. What mathematical statements represents the

  31. SS

    "We seek no conquest. All we ask it to be left alone According to this quote which statement best summarizes the souths agenda continue their way of life unchanged b to accept changes to the plantation system c. to change the souths borders d. to

  32. value

    a boy of mass 100kg moves with a velocity 8m/s calculate its kinetic energy

  33. math

    p varies directly as q and the square of r and inversely as s write the equation of the relation find k if p=40 q=5 r=4 s=6 find p when q=8 r=6 and s=9 find s when p=10 q=5 r=2

  34. Math

    Jack thinks of two numbers. The HCF of these numbers is 6 and one of the number is 24 suggest what his other number may have been?

  35. Math

    The pressure p at the bottom of swimming pool varies directly as the depth d of the water. If the pressure is 125 Pascal when the water is 2 meters deep, find the pressure when it is 4.5 meters deep.

  36. Math

    Every 3 months, a man deposits in his bank account a savings of Php 5,000. In how many years would he have saved Php 250,000?

  37. Language Arts

    Which of these is an example of a metaphor in My Forbidden Face? A. Latifa releases the canary from the cage. B. Latifa compares the Taliban's oppression to a slow death. C. Latifa quotes specific laws that the Taliban put in place. The word lucid means

  38. art

    A sculptor creates a bust of a famous politician out of marble and places it in the outdoor courtyard of the capitol building. Why did he chose marble?

  39. Physics Help Please! Check the answer

    an athlete stretches a spring an extra 40.0 cm. how much energy has he transferred to the spring, if the spring constant is 5286.0 N/m? Us= 1/2kx^2 =1/2(5286.0)(.40)=1057.2 J Thanks!

  40. Health

    The number of calories consumed must equal the number of calories________. a.)needed b.)burned c.)absorbed d.)wanted 2.)It is important to recognize which of the following when watching your weight so that you know what triggers your eating habits. a.)

  41. Math! Please Help!

    1. What is the simplified form of (–3x^3y^2)(5xy^–1)? I think it is 15x^4y 2. What is the simplified form of –9m^–2n^5 × 2m^–3n^–6? I have no idea on this one. :/ 3. A rectangular pasture has a fence around the perimeter. The length of the

  42. statistics

    A sample of 100 iron bars is said to be drawn from a large number of bars. Whose lengths are normally distributed with mean 4 feet and S.D 0.6ft. If the sample mean is 4.2 ft, can the sample be regarded as a truly random sample?

  43. chem

    On the average; glucose (C6H1206) makes up about 0.100% by weight of human blood. How much glucose is there in 1.00 kg of blood?

  44. English

    Write a debate on the topic;Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.

  45. Inverse Variation

    Help me please.. Explain also :( 1. E is inversely proportional to Z and Z = 4 when E = 6. 2. P varies inversely as Q and Q = 2/3 when P = 1/2. 3.R is inversely proportional to the square of I and I = 25 when R = 100. 4. F varies inversely as the cube root

  46. Physics

    You set out to design a car that uses the energy stored in a flywheel consisting of a uniform 103-kg cylinder of radius R that has a maximum angular speed of 450 rev/s. The flywheel must deliver an average of 1.70 MJ of energy for each kilometer of

  47. maths

    I am divisible by 8 and by 9. I am a three digit multiple of 10. I am between 200 and 700. What am i?

  48. Physics

    An ice cube having a mass of 50 g and an initial temperature of -20⁰C is place in 400 g of water 30⁰C water. What is the final temperature of the mixture if the effects of the container can be neglected?

  49. chemistry

    For each trial, enter the amount of heat gained by the chemical system of ammonium nitrate, qrxn. The specific heat of water is 4.184 J/goC. Report your answer using 4 digits. The information given is: Trial # Tiwater Tf Masswater #1: 21.2 10.8 24.990 #2:

  50. chemistry

    how many hydrogen atoms are present in 2.84 moles of water

  51. maths

    can you replace the stars with figures **** x 3 ______ ***** the whole calculation uses each of the digits 0-9 once and once only the 4 figure number contains three consecutive numbers which are not in order. the third digit is the sum of 2 of the

  52. math

    there are 12 men on a basketball team, and in a game 5 of them play at any one time. if the game is 1 hr long and if each man plays exactly the same amount of time how many minutes does each man play? a) 10 b) 12 c) 24 d) 25 e) 30 b) 12 NO. Its d) 25. With

  53. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following best describes text evidence?(1 point) A. ideas or conclusions about details that are hinted at but not stated B. information or details from a text that support an idea or analysis*** C. data on the amount of time it takes to

  54. language arts

    Which option is an example of a subgenre of poetry?

  55. STATS

    A flour mill produces flour in small bags before distributing them to wholesalers. The average weight of each bag is 8 kg with a standard deviation of 0.5 kg. A random sample of 50 bags was taken and found that the average weight is 7.8 kg. Using a

  56. Language arts

    Dose any one have the answers to the. Writing an argument unit test?

  57. Mathematics

    When a ball is tossed to a height of 4 meters above the ground i t always rebound to 40% of its previous height until it stop .Ring the total distance that the ball has covered when it strikes the ground for the fifth time

  58. chemistry

    An impure sample of barium hydroxide of mass 1.6524 g was allowed to react with 100 cm3 of 0.200 mol dm-3hydrochloric acid. When the excess acid was titrated against sodium hydroxide, 10.9 cm3 of sodium hydroxide solution was required. 25.0 cm3 of the

  59. science

    how do you prepare 3% hydrogen peroxide from 30%

  60. Science

    How are leaf cells and root cells different? A. Leaf cells have nuclei, but root cells do not. B. Leaf cells have chloroplasts, but root cells do not. C. Leaf cells can reproduce, but root cells cannot. D. Leaf cells can absorb nutrients from the air, but

  61. Engineering

    5 Hp, 230 V shunt motor takes 18 Amperes when operating at full load. The shunt field resistance is 115 ohms and the armature resistance is 0.25 ohm. Calculate the starter resistance if the starting torque is limited to 1.5 times the full load torque (take

  62. Science

    A car is travelling along a straight road. The driver suddenly observes that the road ahead is flooded and applies the brakes. Describe what happens to the car and the brakes. Your answer should include details of braking distance and braking force.

  63. Math

    Ali's tyre pressure gauge shows a reading which is 8% lower than the actual pressure. What is the actual pressure of Ali's tyres when the gauge shows 33.58?

  64. math

    The height of Dougal is 1.84 metres. The height of Seb is 1.7 metres. Write the height of Dougal as a fraction of the height of Seb. Give your answer in its simplest form.

  65. statistics

    The random variable W can take on the values of 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. The expected value of W is 2.8. Which of the following is the best interpretation of the expected value of random variable W? A. A randomly selected value of W must be equal to 2.8. B.The

  66. Math

    a ball tossed to a height of 4 meters rebounds 40% of its previous height. the total distance travelled by the ball by the time it comes to rest is?

  67. Mathematics

    1. Find the circumference of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. (Circle with radius of 3.5 cm) -22.0 cm -38.5 cm -11.0 cm -42.8 cm 2. Find the area of the given circle. Round to the nearest tenth. (Circle with a diameter of 12 feet) -11.0 ft

  68. social studies

    Which of the following did the Roman republic and Greek democracy have in common? A. All citizens were granted freedom to practice various religions. B. All citizens created the laws for their society. C. Citizens could participate in government by voting.

  69. Calculus

    A rectangle has width w inches and height h, where the width is twice the height. Both w and h are functions of time,t, measured in seconds. If A represents the area of the rectangle, what is the rate of change of A with respect to t at the instant where

  70. Math

    Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle, as shown. How long is the short ladder? (two ladders, one is 60 and 40 and the other short ladder says 10). 6ft 15ft 20ft 30ft Is it 15ft? Can someone explain to me how to solve it?

  71. Math

    Complete each statement with the appropriate measurement or symbol. 48 c = _ qt 96 oz _ 5 lb 6 yd, 1 ft = ft 6 1/2 lb = _ oz

  72. Mathematics

    A pyramid 8cm high stands on a rectangular base 6cm by 4cm. Calculate volume of the pyramid.

  73. Social Studies

    (Check my answer please) 1.According to Laozi, what is the Dao? A. the home of the heavenly spirits B. respect for authority C. the natural way of the universe** D. reverence for ancestors 2. Which spirits were most important to the ancient Chinese? A.

  74. Physics

    A circuit consisting of three resistance 12ohm, 18ohm and 36ohm respectively joined in parallel, and connected in series with the fourth resistance. The whole circuit is supplied at 60volts and it is found that the power dissipated in the 12 resistance is

  75. Social studies

    What major difference between the Eastern and Western churches led to their schism? A. They disagreed about the divinity of Christ. B. They disagreed about the use of icons. C. They disagreed about Church leadership and authority. D. They disagreed about

  76. world history

    Drag and drop actions to match the emperor who is famous for doing them OPTIONS: A split the empire into an east and west B Traveled the empire and built a wall in Britain C Built a new capital city in the East BOXES THEY GO IN: 1 Constantine 2 Diocletian

  77. Social Studies

    Based on the map, why might some southerners feel the Missouri compromise favored the north? A. There was foreign threat south of the line. B. There was less farm land south of the line. C. There was more territory north of the line. D. There was more

  78. Social studies

    What are the vedas? A. A language written in sanskrit B. Sacred hymns** C. Priests who recited offerings D. The number system of the indo-Aryans How did the early indo-aryans measure their wealth? A. In cattle** B. In horses C. In the number of chariots

  79. social studies

    which of the following was one way different regions of the the country agreed? A. support of slavery B. support for the war of 1812 C. support for foreign policies D. support of economic stability i think its B. am i right?

  80. SAT Math

    If the expression 4x^2/2x-1 is written in the equivalent form 1/2x-1+A, what is A in terms of x? A) 2x+1 B) 2x-1 C) 4x^2 D) 4x^2-1

  81. math

    Fine the distance between Bida (9°N,6.0°E) and Addis Ababa (9°N,38.8°E) measured along the parallel of latitude

  82. Math

    Sally invests £8000 in a savings account . The account pays 2.8% compound interest per year . Work out the value of her investment after 4 years . Give your answers to the nearest penny .

  83. Chemistry

    Which of the following compounds has the greatest molar solubility? A) AgBr, Ksp= 5.4 x 10^13 B) Ba3(PO4)2, Ksp = 3.0 x 10^-23 C) Al(OH)3, Ksp = 1.9 x 10^-33 D) MgF2, Ksp = 7.4 x 10^-11 E) Pb(OH)2, Ksp = 1.2 x 10^-15 I know the answer for this problem is

  84. Science

    why some people can keep fit by just walking yet others ne lots of running around

  85. professional ethics in engineering

    Rachel works as a Quality Assurance Engineer at a large electronics company. She is responsible for the final testing of her company’s servers and is part of a team which decides when new products will be shipped to distributors for sale. Rachel’s

  86. math

    The position vectors A and B with respect to the origin O,(-8,5) are (12,-5)and respectively. Point M is the midpoint of AB and N is the midpoint of OA. (a) Find: (i) The coordinates of N and M; (ii) The magnitude of NM, (b) Express vector NM in term OB.

  87. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure

  88. math

    use the points in the diagram to name the figure.

  89. maths

    A sculpture needs to lift a piece of is a cuboid with dimensions 1m by 0.6m and 0.3m.marble has a density of 2.7. work out the mass.

  90. English

    Fill in the blanks The customer paid by .... f9r his new ..... suit

  91. History

    Which best describes the ideas of government found in the Declaration of Independence? governments are created by people, they derive their powers from the consent of those being governed governments derive their power from God, and monarchs should follow

  92. History

    What best describes Simón Bolívar’s revolutionary efforts in Venezuela? bolivar was able to free Venezuela from French rule and instituted a parliamentary monarchy bolivar was able to free Venezuela from Spanish rule and abolish slavery bolivar was

  93. math

    ABCD is a square and P, Q are the midpoint of BC, CD respectively .if AP =a and AQ=b, find in terms of a and b , the directed line segments (i) AB, (ii) AD , (iii) BD and (iv) AC

  94. Math

    A rectangular garden in a backyard has an area of (3x^2+5x-6) square meters. It's width is (x+2) meters A. Find the length of the garden B. You decided to partition the garden into two or more smaller congruent gardens.Design a possible model and include

  95. Math

    Are the ratios 25/45 and 15/27 proportional?

  96. Math

    Prove that (1+tan21) (1+tan28) (1+tan24) (1+tan17) = 4

  97. Chemistry

    In a reaction Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) → H2(g) + MgCl2(aq), 6.00 g of Mg was present at 0.00 min. After 3.00 min, 4.50 g of Mg remained. Express the average rate as mol of Mg consumed per minute. I was taught how to use molarity but this question does not tell

  98. Social Studies

    Which event indicates that deflation is occurring? 1-a savings account can suddenly buy much more than before 2- the profits of a clothing factory increase rapidly. 3- The length of time it takes to pay off a home loan decreases by five years 4- A local

  99. Math

    Determine the sign of the sum of -18+11

  100. math

    The parallel sides of a trapezium are 65 m and 40m. non parallel sides are 39m and 56m. find the area of the trapezium.