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  1. math

    A man would gain 25% by selling a chair for rs47.5 and would gain 15% by selling a table for rs57.5.he sells the chair for rs36.what is least price for which he must sell table to avoid any loss on the two together?

  2. Chemistry

    Balance the following equation for a basic solution. MnO4-+C2O4-2= Mno2 + CO3-2

  3. math

    10 years ago simrans mother was 4 times older than her daughter . after 10 years the mother will be twice oder than her daughter . find present age of simran

  4. accounting 205

    A proprietor makes a cash withdrawal from the proprietorship. How does this affect the accounting equation? (Points : 1) This has no effect on assets, liabilities, or owner’s equity. Assets decrease; owner’s equity decreases. Assets increase;

  5. chemistry

    what do you observe in the displacement reaction of zinc and lead nitrate? also, what is the symbol equation for this reaction?

  6. chemistry

    A 0.8612g sample of a mixture consisting of NaBr,NaI and NaNO3 was analysed by adding AgNO3 to precipitate the Br^- and I^-,yielding 1.0186g mixture of AgBr and AgI.The precipitate was then heated in a stream of Cl2, converting it to 0.7125g of AgCl.

  7. Geometry

    A gardener wants the three rosebushes in her garden to be watered by a rotating water sprinkler. The gardener draws a diagram of the garden using a grid in which each unit represents 1 ft. The rosebushes are at (1, 3), (5, 11), and (11, 4). She wants to

  8. diffirential calculus

    a woman 6ft tall walks away from a light 10ft above the ground. if her shadow lengthens at the rate of 2ft/sec. how fast is she walking?

  9. Social Studies

    Which feature of Greece’s geography explains the ancient Greeks’ need for trade? A. the mountainous landscape B. the dry summer climate C. the location along the seacoast D. the location along the boundary between Asia and Europe

  10. english

    please help me with this exercise Seaside Artist He was once a textile designer for a leading fashion house, but these days Andrew Ruffhead (0) …. seaside rubbish into art. Andrew is what is sometimes (1) …. a beachcomber. He goes out gathering rubbish

  11. Chemistry

    How many grams of a solid mixture containing strontium chloride would one need to make 558 mL of a 0.100 M strontium chloride solution, if the solid mixture contains 58.6% strontium chloride by weight

  12. Chemistry

    A buffer solution contains 0.052 M HC2H3O2 and 0.025 M NaC2H3O2. The pH of this solution is _____. Ka for HC2H3O2 is 1.8x10-5.

  13. math

    3.the total amount Jurene paid for 5 kilos of rice and 2 kilos of fish is less than php 600 a.what mathematical statement represents the total amount Jurene paid?Define the variables used. b.suppose a kilo of rice costs php 35.what could be the greatest

  14. Physics

    You raise a bucket of water from the bottom of a well that is 12 m deep. The mass of the bucket and the water is 5.00 kg, and it takes 15 s to raise the bucket to the top of the well. How much power is required? Pe= 60.00 Work= Force*direction

  15. chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 104.1 grams of barium chloride, BaCl2 in 1000. grams of water? What is the boiling point of this solution? [The boiling point elevation constant for water is 0.52°C/mole solute in 1000g of water]

  16. physics

    A car begins at rest at t0 = 0. The car starts moving and finally covers a distance d = 617 m in a time tf = 105 s. In a coordinate system with north being the positive x-direction, the car's motion is in the southern direction. What was the car's average

  17. math---help! connections academy! check my answers

    pls help asap! check my answers: In the diagram, lines m and n are parallel. If m¡Ð2 = 150¡Æ, find the measure of the following angles. 1. ¡Ð4 = ? (1 point) 120¨¬ 50¨¬ 30¨¬ 150¨¬ 2. ¡Ð6 = (1 point) 150¨¬ 130¨¬ 15¨¬ 30¨¬ 3. ¡Ð8 =

  18. science

    Is strontium chloride a ionic or covalent bond?

  19. Physics

    Calculate The Value Of g At 1000m Above The Surface Of The Earth.The radius Of The Earth Is 6378.1km.

  20. science (ASAP)

    identify the terms or phrases that are paired together correctly a. deserts and dwarf trees b. temperate and deciduous forest and evergreen trees c. subarctic taiga and moss d. tundra and permafrost ***

  21. Maths

    A map is drawn to a scale 1cm to 10km find the actual distance represented by 54 mm

  22. Math

    Find the value of an odd natural number x if LCM(x, 40)=1400

  23. Health

    1. The muscular system is essential because it allows our bones to strengthen contract lengthen move 2. which muscle is attached to a bone by tendons? smooth muscle cardiac muscle skeletal muscle involuntary muscle 3. To prevent injury, each time you

  24. algebra

    (2*log7 16)/(log3(√10+1)+log3(√10-1)log7 2

  25. Physics

    Consider a single photon with a wavelength of λ, a frequency of ν, and an energy of E. What is the wavelength, frequency, and energy of a pulse of light containing 100 of these photons? A)100λ, 100ν, and E B)0.01λ, ν, and 100E C)λ, ν, and 100E

  26. Chem

    a 4.369g sample of metal is placed in a flask. water is added to the flask and the total volume in the flask is read to be 126.4ml. the mass of the water, flask, and metal is 268.5g. if the mass of the flask is 139.3g and the density of water is 1.000g/ml,

  27. chemistry

    Lithium metal dissolves in water to yield hydrogen gas and aqueous lithium hydroxide. What is the final concentration of hydroxide ions when 5.500 g of lithium metal is dropped into 750. mL of water?

  28. Calculus

    Find the total derivative dz/dt, given z=f(x,y,t) where x=a+bt and y=c+dt

  29. Science

    A solution of hydrogen peroxide is 15.2% by mass what is the molarity of the solution. Assume that the solution has a density of 1.01g/ml

  30. physics

    On a 200 km bike cycle ride, you ride the first 90 km at an average speed of 20 m/s. What must your average speed over the next 40 km be to have your average speed for the total 200 km be? (a) 60 m/s? (b) Given this average speed for the first 90 km, can

  31. English

    I am sure I would have regretted it if I ________ to take the job. a.would agree b.would have agreed* c. did agree d.had agreed*

  32. maths

    there are between 50 and 60 number of eggs in a basket. when loza counts by 3's there are 2 eggs left over, when she counts by 5's there are 4 eggs left over. How many eggs are there in the basket?

  33. Calculus 1

    A 16 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. If the top slips down the wall at a rate of 4 ft/s, how fast will the foot be moving away from the wall when the top is 15 feet above the ground?

  34. Medical, Proofreading

    Using the case study scenario below Correctly spell The words in bold print. Also give their corresponding definitions . ( use the template) Larry, a 35 year old truck driver complained about inflammation and pain in the flexr and pronter muscles of the

  35. Civic Education

    List and explain the civic problems in Nigeria

  36. Algebra

    1. What is the shape of the bases for the following polyhedron? A. Triangle B. Square C.rectangle D. Circle 2. What is the best name for the given solid figure? A. Rectangular pyramid B.rectangular cone C. Rectangular prism D. Rectangle 3. How many lateral

  37. Maths

    Mr lee is 56 years old.His nephew, Sam, is 4 years old. In how many years’time will Mr lee be 5 times as old as his nephew?

  38. English

    Choose the mood of the underlined verb. 1. (Look) out of the window and tell me what you see. (1 point) indicative imperative*** subjunctive 2. Yosemite National Park (is) a national treasure. (1 point) indicative*** imperative subjunctive 3. If I (were)

  39. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure

  40. math

    use the points in the diagram to name the figure.

  41. algebra

    can someone plz tell me the answers for Lesson 1: Semester Review CE 2015 Algebra 1 A, Part 1 Unit 5: Semester Review and Exam, the practice

  42. Social Studies (Grade 8)

    What should be your first task when you begin a new lesson? A. Read the section in the online textbook B Start to fill out the Vocabulary knowledge rating chart C Take the lesson assessment D Copy the comprehension questions into the Lesson Nate taking

  43. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    1: Why is urbanization associated with the Industrial Revolution? A:The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture. B:The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities. C: Settlers expanded the frontier West of the

  44. Physics

    At the surface of a certain planet, the gravitational acceleration g has a magnitude of 12.0 m/s^2. A 21.0-kg brass bell is transported to this planet. What is (a) the mass of the brass ball on the Earth and on the planet, and (b) the weight of the brass

  45. math

    rowel designing a mag wheel like, the shown below .he decided to put 6 spokes which divide the rim into 6 equal parts what is the degree measure of each arc along the rim ? how about each angle formed by spokes at the hud ? you design a wheel how many

  46. Quadratic Equations, math

    A rectangular feel measures 15m by 20m. A rectangular area is to be fenced in by reducing each dimension by the same amount. The fenced in area will be 1/2 the original area. What will the dimensions of the fenced in area be? I'm really confused, can

  47. math

    1. QTR and ______ are complementary. QTS * RTS PTN QT 2. QTN and _____ are supplementary. QTS QTP * RTS PTR 5. PTN is adjacent to _____. QTR PTS RTS NTS *

  48. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image? (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

  49. Algebra

    1. you and a friend balls for like a salad and a small drink. between the two of you, you have $8.00. A salad costs $2.49 and a small drink is $0.99. Can either of you have a second salad or a drink? assume there is no sales tax. A.yes,one Salad B.yes,one

  50. math

    what is diameter of the atomic nucleus of a lead atom is 1.75x10 negative15m

  51. math

    Time taken by light to travel 1 meter is roughly 3 x 10 to the negative 8th power. pls. formulate a problem and solution.

  52. Alg 2

    The first term of a geometric sequence is 25, and the fourth term is 1\5. (a) Find the common ratio r. r = Find the fifth term. a5 = (b) Find the partial sum of the first eight terms. S8 =

  53. chem

    An unknown sample was crystallized from benzene. on cooling to 0 degree centigrade in an ice bath the amount of crystals in flask was quite large, but much of it seemed to disappear when an attempt was made to collect it by suction filtration. Explain?

  54. Math

    three whole numbers have their LCM as 180 and their HCF equal to 3. two of the numbers are 45 and 60. Find the third number.

  55. Math

    1. Does the table represent an exponential function? X: 1, 2, 3, 4 Y:-1,-8,-27,-64 Yes or No? I am confused on this, so help would be nice. Thank you.

  56. Statistics

    Selecting a letter of the alphabet: If 3 letters of the alphabet are selected at random, find the probability of getting at least one letter "x". Letters can be used more than once. My answer was: P(at least 1 "x) = 1 - (25/26)^3 = 1951/17576 or 0.11 Is

  57. Math

    Which of the following simplifies to a negative number? A.)-4^-4 B.)(-4)^-4 C.)4^-4 D.)1/4^-4 please help. Thank you I think the answer is A.

  58. Math

    solve each inequality. 1. m – 7 < 6 (1 point) m < –1 m > 1 m < 13 m < –13 2. y + 5 ≥ 7 (1 point) y ≤ 2 y ≤ 12 y ≥ 2 y ≥ 12 3. p + 12 > 9 (1 point) p > 21 p > 3 p > –21 p > –3 4. Translate the following statement into an inequality: Five

  59. chemistry

    When the following reaction is balanced in acid solution, the coefficient of H+(aq) will be: Cr2O72-(aq) + Sn2+(aq) --> Cr3+(aq) + Sn4+(aq)

  60. chemistry

    Which of the following equations does not represent an oxidation-reduction reaction? 3Al + 6HCl → 3H2 + AlCl3 2NaCl + Pb(NO3)2 → PbCl2 + 2NaNO3 2H2O → 2H2 + O2 2NaI + Br2 → 2NaBr + I2 Cu(NO3)2 + Zn → Zn(NO3)2 + Cu

  61. Chemistry

    If all samples of a material have identical properties and composition, it is a-a compound b-an element c-a homogeneous mixture d-an element or compound

  62. physics

    It is possible to shoot an arrow at a speed as high as 100 m/s. (a) If friction is neglected, how high would an arrow launched at this speed rise if shot straight up? (b) How long would the arrow be in the air? Please help! I do not have any clue as to how

  63. biology

    What environmental conditions would favor sexual reproduction? What environmental conditions would favor asexual reproduction? Organism - sexual reproduction - gonads asexual reproduction - honeybees - Is pillbugs an asexually organism or is a sexually

  64. Math (Geometry)

    "The graph shows types of trash in a typical American city. Find the measure of each central angle to the nearest whole number." (I do not want all the answers, I just want to know HOW to get them so I will only post the first three problems that

  65. grammar..subjects and predicates

    Subjects and Predicates: Copy each sentence. Draw a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate. Underline the simple subject once and underline the simple predicate twice. 1. Edgar Allan Poe lived a double life in many ways. CS:Edgar

  66. Physics

    A spring has a force constant of 100N/m and an unstretched lenght of .07 m. One end is attached to a post that is free to rotate in the center of a smooth table. The other end is attatched to a 1 kg disc moving in uniform circular motion on the table,

  67. Trigonometric Functions of Angles in Standard posi

    Each point P is on the terminal side of an angle θ. 1. P(2,9) 2. P(5, -2) a. Draw a diagram showing θ in standard position. b. Calculate sin θ, cos θ, and tan θ in exact values. c. How far is P from the origin? d. What is the value of θ? e. Give 2

  68. Trigonometric Functions of Angles in Standard posi

    please help mee :( I want to pass my assignment but I dont get the lesson . 1. Create the following in a long sized paper with standard 1-inch margin. 2. Make an illustration of your hobby/ies that you love to do and identify the number of time you repeat

  69. physics

    A student performs a double-slit experiment using a monochromatic light source with a wavelength of 5.00x10⁻⁷ m. The pattern appears on a screen 150 cm away ad the bright fringes are 0.40 cm apart. If the wavelength of the light used is changed to

  70. Algebra 1(Writeteacher or Ms Sue)

    A rectangular pasture has a fence around the perimeter. The length of the fence is 16x^7 and the width is 48x^4. What is the area of the pasture? A. 3x^3 B. 128x^11 C. 768x^11*** D. 768x^28 My answer is markes ***. I believe this is it because area of

  71. Language arts

    Question 1 What is dialogue? the words characters say to each other in a story or drama *** the physical descriptions of characters in a story or drama the description of the setting in a story or drama the development of conflict in a story or drama

  72. Language arts

    Question 1 A) Which characteristic is true of a theme?(1 point) It is not stated by the author outright. ***** It is not linked to symbols. It is explained by the author. It is a summary of the plot. Question 2 A) Which description best defines a theme?(1

  73. Language Arts

    Central Idea and Theme Quick Check What is a main idea? (1 point) an action that leads to the main event in a text a lesson that is not stated in a text a concept introduced in the middle of a text a short statement of the main events of a text XXX What is

  74. Mathematics

    lighthouse 1 flashes its light every 15 minutes. Lighthouse 2 flashes every 18 minutes. If the two lighthouses flash together at 1:00 A.M, what time they will next flash together?


    The restatement of a claim and summary of the supporting evidence in an argument is called the _______(1 point) 1.overview. 2. conclusion. 3. main points. 4. wrap-up.

  76. Civic education

    Explain 5 civic problems in the society

  77. history

    1. Select the boxes in the table to compare and contrast Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge's policies and actions. raised tariffs pro-business agenda reduced worldwide armaments turned a profit in the White House through frugal policies 2. Which

  78. physics

    : Three persons wants to push a wheel cart in the direction marked x in Fig. [04 Marks] The two person push with horizontal forces F1 and F2 as shown in the figure. (a) Find the magnitude and direction of the force that third person should exert to stop

  79. Civic education

    Highlight 25 civic problems in Nigeria

  80. English (poems)

    Read the stanza from “Twelfth Song of Thunder.” The voice that beautifies the land! The voice below; The voice of the grasshopper Among the plants Again and again it sounds, The voice that beautifies the land. Based on the content of this stanza, what

  81. Civic education

    List and explain five Civic problems in Nigeria and their solutions

  82. Physics

    A person is riding on a flatcar traveling at a constant speed of 200 km/s (Fig.). He wishes to throw a ball through a stationary hoop 90 km above the height of his hands in such a manner that the ball will move horizontally as it passes through the hoop.

  83. science

    1.Plant cells can use energy from the sun to make food. Animal cells cannot. Which organelle is responsible for this difference between plant and animal cells?(1 point) chloroplast** cell wall plasma membrane central vacuole 2.Which statement about plasma

  84. physics

    A disk having moment of inertia $$100kg\cdot m^2$$ is free to rotate without friction, starting from rest, about a fixed axis through its center. A tangential force whose magnitude can range from \(F = 0\) to \(F = 50.0\) N can be applied at any distance

  85. Physics

    rock is thrown downward from the top of a cliff with an initial speed of 12 m/s, disregarding air resistance if the rock hits the ground after 2.0 s, what is the height of the cliff

  86. English

    which case is represented by the underlined pronoun below? the moment the guard started to calling to us, my heart sank a) nominative case b) objective case c) possessive case i really am stuck on this question

  87. Maths

    Nine cards are numbered 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 6, 6.Three of the nine cards are chosen and placed in a line, making a 3-digit number. Find how many different numbers can be made in this way if the number is between 200 and 300. Tell me answer in terms of

  88. Math

    Use formula S=2(lw)+2(lh)+2(wh) to find the surface area of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: length = 2 cm width = 3 cm height = 4 cm

  89. Math

    a ball tossed to a height of 4 meters rebounds 40% of its previous height. the total distance travelled by the ball by the time it comes to rest is?

  90. Physics

    Three charges lie along the x-axis. The positive charge, q1 = 15 µC, is at x= 2.0 m, and The positive charge, q2 = 6.0 μC, is at the origin. At what point on the x-axis must a negative charge, q3 , be placed so that the net force acting on it is zero?

  91. math

    Express 2 min 30 sec as a fraction of ¾ hour. Give your answer in its lowest terms.

  92. History

    Which accurately describes life events of explorer Francisco Pizarro? 1.Pizarro sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, to present-day Maine and established a Pilgrim colony. 2.Pizarro used brutal force to overtake the Powhatan tribes near present-day Virginia.

  93. math

    If our recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups flour for every 3/4 cup sugar, how much flour is needed if we used 1 cup of sugar?

  94. Physics

    A bullet of mass 0.010 kg and speed of 100 m/s is brought to rest in a wooden block after penetrating a distance of 0.10 m. The work done on the bullet by the block is so my answer is 50 but I'm getting it wrong? I don't understand why?? work=KE

  95. Physics

    A footballer kicks a ball at an angle of 45° with the horizontal. If the ball was in air for 10 seconds and lands 4000meters away. Determine the initial speed

  96. Math

    1. Find the length of the missing side of the right triangle (A triangle is shown to have a base of 15 cm and a height of 8 cm. The slope of it is unmarked A. 289 cm B. 17 cm *** C. 23 cm D. 4.79 cm 2. Find the length of the missing side of the right

  97. math

    Which proportion can be used to determine what number is 15% of 30? 15/30 = x/100 15/100 = x/30*** 15/100 = 30/x 30/100 = 15/x Which equation can be used to determine what number, n, is 40% of 64? (40)(64) = n 40 divided by 64 = n 0.40(64) = n*** 64n =

  98. maths

    The first and the last term of an AP are 6.7 and 17.1 respectively. If there are 14 terms in the sequence find the common difference

  99. social studies

    1. Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. A revolution in 1959 led to Cuba becoming A. an independent nation B. a communist dictatorship C. A territory of the united states D. A constitutional democracy 2. Drag the accomplishments to the

  100. Physics

    A uniform ladder of mass 30kg and length 5m rest against a smooth vertical wall with its lower end on a rough ground. The coefficient of friction is 0.4.the ladder is inclined at 60 degrees to the horizontal. Find how far a man of mass 80kg can climb