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  1. Algebra

    Sorry I need help, really bad at Algebra. Please provide tips on how to do this for future references 🙂 5(- 3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

    asked by LmaoImRock on August 30, 2019
  2. Science

    Which items are TRUE about minerals? Select three correct answers. A. rocks are the components that make up minerals. B. minerals are made of one element or one compound of elements. C. observing one property is often the best way to identify minerals. D.

    asked by Redacted. on September 9, 2019
  3. Life orientation

    Identify and explain five recommendation to address teenage pregnancy.

    asked by Chris on August 8, 2019
  4. Life orientation

    Five religious principles that may impact positively on the issue of the teenage pregnancy

    asked by Anonymous on August 10, 2019
  5. life orientation

    Identity and explain five recommendations to adress teenage pregnancy

    asked by babongile on August 6, 2019
  6. L O

    five advises that you can caution your peers about the consequences of teenage pregnancy

    asked by lesedi on August 13, 2019
  7. Dear, Ms. Sue

    Hello Ms. Sue! I like this website. It is really helpful. But can you add notifications to the website? It would really help.

    asked by Weather on February 21, 2019
  8. LO

    discuss critically the five religious principles that may impact positively on the issue of teenage pregnancy

    asked by success on August 10, 2019
  9. Life orientation

    Effectiveness and ineffectiveness of traffic fines to reduce road accidents

    asked by Sammie on August 5, 2019
  10. STAAR

    So this isn't about anything really, but, what is STAAR like for online school? Thanks in advance. (STAAR = State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness)

    asked by ER98 on January 29, 2019
  11. Algebra I

    Could someone explain what direct and inverse variation is? Also look at attached questions: imgur[]/Fd03pg0 and imgur[]/a/opEdofY Please replace the [] with .com the [] is equivalent to a: " .com " or .com Please explain how they are solved. Primarily the

    asked by M.S.A.G(Mission: Search All Grandparents) on May 13, 2019
  12. Life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individual group and the broader south African community can be influence by human right violation

    asked by Marble on April 2, 2019
  13. Lo

    Suggest how attitude and safety skills may deal with the impact of environmental factors at a personal level.

    asked by William on August 10, 2019
  14. Maths

    If m times the 'm'th term of an A.P. be equal to n times the 'n'th term, show that is (m+n)th term is zero.

    asked by Satish on January 29, 2019
  15. English

    DragonWings: Which of the following passages from the novel best illustrates the most extreme hostility between the Chinese and American communities in San Francisco? a: An American man raises his voice when he suspects WindRider and Moon Shadow do not

    asked by Starfire on March 13, 2019
  16. Riddles

    All my relatives are black but am not

    asked by Faith on April 13, 2019
  17. Life orientation

    The impact of risky behaviour in social, emotional, physical and spiritual

    asked by Tokelo Modiko on August 5, 2019
  18. Life orientation

    Discuss six ways in which individuals ,groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by humans rights violation

    asked by Mathosa James on April 6, 2019
  19. American History

    Why did loyalists oppose separation from England? Select the two correct answers. A. They wanted to continue to resist the Intolerable Acts. B. They feared a loss of property. C. They argued independence would upset France. D. They were worried about mob

    asked by Anonymous on August 7, 2019
  20. LO

    Four types of risky behaviour amongst youth and explain by giving examples

    asked by Koketso on August 5, 2019
  21. Life orientation

    What roles and responsibilities do the media have in reporting human rights violations in a responsible manner

    asked by Tshepang on April 6, 2019
  22. Biology

    The lignin present in the cell walls of both the sclerenchyma and xylem cells caused these tissues to dye the same color when exposed to the toluidine blue O stain. Speculate on the function of the lignin.

    asked by Pls answer on April 2, 2019
  23. Life orientation

    Give field description of a recent 2016 - 2018 example of how this problem of xenophobia has displayed itself in our community

    asked by Katlego on April 1, 2019
  24. Art help

    The cinematographer works with what other professional to plan how each scene will be filmed and lit?

    asked by No clue on February 11, 2019
  25. Lo

    give your own position on this specific problem in your community (xenophobia)

    asked by tumie on April 14, 2019
  26. Life orantation

    Six ways in which individual, groups and the broader south African community can be influence by human Rights Violation?

    asked by katlego on April 1, 2019
  27. math

    A​ student's course grade is based on one midterm that counts as 15​% of his final​ grade, one class project that counts as 15​% of his final​ grade, a set of homework assignments that counts as 40​% of his final​ grade, and a final exam that

    asked by maria on February 17, 2019
  28. L.O

    Examine how competence of the drivers are responsible for road accidents and propose practical solution by the community

    asked by Andile on August 3, 2019
  29. American History

    Why did business leaders begin the practice of vertical integration? a) Big companies could grow by merging with other companies or acquiring them. b) Factory workers could start in low positions and work their way up to management. c) Large corporations

    asked by T. on August 27, 2019
  30. math

    which property is illustrated by the following stament 3x(-5)=(-5)3x

    asked by yz450f rider on September 26, 2019
  31. Life orientation

    Four ways which sports can detract nation building

    asked by Diketso mphahlele on March 8, 2019
  32. Life Orientation


    asked by Anonymous on August 10, 2019
  33. American History

    Why did many Native American Groups and enslaved people side with the British during the American Revolution? A. They were promised equal representation in a postwar government. B. They hoped the British would offer them more freedom after the war.*** C.

    asked by Lauryn on August 9, 2019
  34. Chemistry

    Solution A in H2So4 containing 0.085mol /dm^3. solution B is KoH. Titrate using methyl orange as an indicator. calculate: A.concentration of A in g/dm^3 B.Concentration of B In mol/dm^3 C.Concentration of B in g/dm^3 take Va=27.30cm^3,Vb=25.0­­ 0cm^3?

    asked by El chapo on September 28, 2019
  35. LO

    describe who are the road users and risks they face.

    asked by smphiwe mabaso piwe on August 4, 2019
  36. History

    How did the role of the church in education change over time? A. Universities changed from being independent to being part of the church. B. Priests became the only teachers at universities. C. Schools began to provide education beyond religious

    asked by wolfie on March 21, 2019
  37. life orientation

    examine the impacts of risky behavior on the different spheres of well being

    asked by dakalo on August 5, 2019
  38. Life Orientation

    Choose three examples of human rights violation and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Thidziambi Phuluso on April 13, 2019
  39. Science

    which of the following best describes the movement of an object at rest if no outside forces act on it? help this is science 8 B unit 1 lesson 12 quiz. I need answers please!

    asked by Ms. Impala on February 7, 2019
  40. English

    Based on events in Chapter 8, what can the reader most likely conclude about the relationship between Moon Shadow and the boys in the tenement house?

    asked by Seth on May 6, 2019
  41. @ Hi and Anonymous

    Please stop having a personal conversation. This is a homework board, not a social forum.

    asked by Ms. Sue on March 6, 2019
  42. Life orientation

    Assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical emotional, social and economic aspects to the family,the community and country

    asked by Zinhle on August 5, 2019
  43. Math

    Solve The Proportion 16 over 50 = x over 156.25, I got 50 I multiplied 50 by 3 & got 150, 3.1 to 155, 3.12 to 156, & 3.125 to 156.25. I multiplied 16 by 3.125 & got 50. Is this right or did I do something wrong?

    asked by ER98 on January 31, 2019
  44. US History

    In a paragraph, argue whether the Continental forces could have won the American Revolution without foreign aid. Cite evidence to support your response. I need some help.

    asked by Anonymous on August 13, 2019
  45. Math

    I need a tutor. Here’s the Q. 2.77.7 2. B>-2.3 3. B

    asked by Helps.JustAsk.Help on September 13, 2019
  46. Math

    The results of a survey are shown. In the survey, 92 students said their favorite dessert is candy. Pie: 15% Candy: 23% Cake: 27% Ice Cream: 35% 1) How many students were surveyed? students 2) How many students said their favorite dessert is cake? students

    asked by Niki on February 11, 2019
  47. Life orientation

    Three examples of human rights violation or discrimination and give reasons for your choice

    asked by Victoria on April 14, 2019
  48. probability

    A red light bulb has been flashing forever, according to a Poisson process with rate r . Similarly, a blue bulb has been flashing forever, , according to an independent Poisson process with rate b . Let us fix t to be 12 o'clock. 1. What is the expected

    asked by Dolph on August 27, 2019
  49. Geometry

    unit 2 lesson 7: similarity unit test (Connexus) Can someone help me? please just list the answers to test 1 and part 2 please I beg this is the hardest test yet

    asked by Cheylee on March 1, 2019
  50. Earth science

    1.which evidence would confirm that a given rock layer is newer than the layers around it? It has been crumpled and folded, while the other layers lie flat. Other layers have been deposited above it. It is horizontally-oriented. It cuts through all the

    asked by katy on August 12, 2019
  51. Probability

    1. We have a bag that contains n red balls and n blue balls. At each of 2n rounds we remove one of the balls from the bag randomly, and place it in one of available n bins. At each round, each one of the balls that remain in the bag is equally likely to be

    asked by Kina on June 14, 2019
  52. Cheating

    i just got expelled from connexus for using this website but i was just checkin my answers cmon now thanks jiskha

    asked by whydis on October 4, 2019
  53. World history

    Someone help plz im rlly bad at history 1.How have the Ten Commandments influenced life today? A.They established the democatic form of government. B.They created a separation between church and state. C.They influenced aspects of today's legal and

    asked by A random person on August 28, 2019
  54. Civics

    Discuss six ways in which individual, groups and the broader south African community can be influenced by human rights violation

    asked by Discuss six ways in which individual, groups and t on April 15, 2019
  55. Language Arts

    which word best defines the word diminish one would think his anxiety would diminish not increase once his name was called a mature b grow c lessen d begin helpppppppp please

    asked by :) hiiii everyone on April 22, 2019
  56. stats

    Data are collected on the 35 students in a college history course. Which of the following is not a variable for the data set? E? Student birth month A Political affiliation of student B Student age C Student address D Number of students in the data set E A

    asked by Anonymous on September 14, 2019
  57. Life orientation

    Sometimes conflict can be healthy critically discuss this statement

    asked by Anonymous on February 6, 2019
  58. History

    1. Why did early Chinese civilizations and dynasties thrive for thousands of years with little outside influence? A. The Great Wall prevented invasions.***** B. The Chinese did not need to trade for goods and resources. C. Mountains and deserts provided

    asked by Poppy on April 5, 2019
  59. earth science

    can someone please help me? Having studied the data for patterns and trends, you should now be able to draw some conclusions about how knowing the half-life of the element Lokium would help you determine the absolute age of rock in which this element is

    asked by Ellie on August 13, 2019
  60. Life orientation

    Any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media. Mention the role players involved

    asked by Remember on April 7, 2019
  61. science

    which of the following describes an example of land reclamation???????? a b c d

    asked by kid help on March 6, 2019
  62. Math

    1. identify the net of the trapezoidal? 2. what is the surface area of the rectangular prism? 3. find the surface area of the triangular prism. 4. how much greater is the surface area of the rectangular prism the surface area of the cube? 5. what happens

    asked by Prettyluuhryah on February 1, 2019
  63. Life orientation

    Evaluate the effectiveness and effectiveness of the following government's initiative to reduce road accidents in the country Traffic fines Speed hump Scholar patrol Arrive alive campaign

    asked by Nokwanda Ngcobo on August 7, 2019
  64. MATH

    Write a ratio in simplified form of the vertical length to the horizontal length for the red triangle. 2 : 3 3 : 2*** 1 : 1 None of the above *** = my answer

    asked by please help on March 13, 2019
  65. math

    Lesson 13: Geometry Unit Test Essential Math 7 B Unit 1: Geometry plz all answers i need it im not lying my grandpa has cancer stage 4 terminal i need them so i can go up to maryland and say goodbye please

    asked by Hi on February 8, 2019
  66. Drama

    In Act II, Scene 3 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, what is Scrooge’s first reaction on seeing Cratchit’s family? A. He thinks Cratchit has too many children. B. He is afraid that Tiny Tim will not live....i think this one? C. He is touched

    asked by plz pass the tocos on February 26, 2019
  67. Social studies

    1. Which effect did Marco Polo’s The Travels of Marco Polo have on East Asia and Southeast Asia? A. It prompted the Chinese to send out explorers of their own. B. It caused the collapse of the Japanese shogunate. C. It drew European interest in the

    asked by Banana on March 12, 2019
  68. Life orientation

    Six suggestions on how to address the examples of human rights violation and discrimination

    asked by Nsovo on April 13, 2019
  69. US History

    Which was a direct cause of increased voter participation in the early nineteenth century? A. The expansion of voting rights among African Americans for white men** B. The elimination of property requirements for white men C. The popularity of the

    asked by Anonymous on August 20, 2019
  70. Social Studies

    Hewwwoooo~! I would LOVE some help on this SS test, for Connections Academy! Lesson 6: Civilizations of the Americas Unit Test Social Studies 7 A Unit 8: Civilizations of the Americas! Note that I am NOT asking for answers, but is there anyone that can

    asked by Junko :D on January 2, 2019
  71. English

    please check my answers 1.Mr.Peters comes to bed one night and finds leita calling out in her sleep. How does this scene reveal her internal conflict? her dream, she is talking of her fear of leaving Mr.Peters her dream, she is afraid of the

    asked by kim on March 26, 2019
  72. math, probability

    Let X1,X2,… be a sequence of independent random variables, uniformly distributed on [0,1] . Define Nn to be the smallest k such that X1+X2+⋯+Xk exceeds cn=n2+n12−−−√ , namely, Nn = min{k≥1:X1+X2+⋯+Xk>cn} Does the limit limn→∞P(Nn>n)

    asked by anon on August 31, 2019
  73. math

    which of the following tables of values is correct for the equation y=-3x^2. A. X Y (X,Y) -2 12 (-2,12) -1 3 (-1,3) 0 0 ( 0,0) 1 3 (1,3) 2 12 (2,12) ______________________ B. X Y (X,Y) -2 -6 (-2,-6) -1 -3 (-1,-3) 0 0 (0,0) 1 3 (1,3) 2 6 (2,6)

    asked by nebula🌌 on March 20, 2019
  74. Probability

    1. A box contains 20 different balls numbered from 1 to 20 (different balls have different numbers). At each step, we select a ball uniformly at random, record the number on it, and put it back in the box. This experiment is repeated 10 times. Find the

    asked by Kina on June 14, 2019
  75. HiStOrY

    based on this excerpt which of the following statements is most opposed to congress stance in 1994

  76. math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: -a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter. -a 6 inch * 9 inch rectangular pan that is 2 inches deep. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by todoroki on May 13, 2019
  77. social studies

    1.In the Middle Ages, who would have been considered a heretic by the Church? A. a European knight who did not join the Crusades B. a Christian who did not follow accepted Church teachings C. a Muslim who fought against Christian crusaders in Jerusalem D.

    asked by thealmighty_.k on February 6, 2019
  78. Social studies

    Infer which "great victory" the author references in the excerpt? election of the first female governor success of the first women's labor strike*** passage of the Equal Rights Amendment passage of the 19th Amendment *** = my answer Am i right?

    asked by rachael on March 20, 2019
  79. Math

    Lesson 13 : Using Graphs to Analyze Data Unit Test : Unit 3 On math unit tests, the questions are moved around and changed for each person, so if you could write out the whole answer, that would be great! You don’t have to do the writing questions. Thank

    asked by Alexa on March 14, 2019
  80. Math

    1. Which of the scatter plots above shows a negative trend? A. II B. III C. I D. None of these 2. The scatter plot below shows the population of a village (p) over time (t). Describe the relationship between the population of the village and time. A. The

    asked by Hate connections on March 13, 2019
  81. Life orientation

    Evaluate your position with regard to the violation of sport personalities right by the media?

    asked by Talent on April 17, 2019
  82. Life orientation

    describe any recent corruption and fraud case that made the headlines in the media, Mention the role players involved, The extent to which fraud and corruption is linked to other crimes, The role played by the media and the state in dealing with this

    asked by Trocia on April 13, 2019
  83. Science

    Witch of the following describes an example of land reclamation. Connexus academy (HELP)

    asked by Broke on March 10, 2019
  84. English

    1. Which of the following best illustrates the extreme nature of Phoebe's suspicion of others? She calls the strange young man at her door a lunatic She does not want Mrs. Partridge to touch her face She does not offer to help Mrs. Cadaver with her

    asked by Avacado17 on April 30, 2019
  85. Algebra

    what is the solution of n^2-49=0 -7 7 ±7 no solution

    asked by Mark Foster on March 3, 2019
  86. Language Arts

    Part A: In act 2 scene 3 of a Christmas carol Scrooge and Marley what is Scrooge's first reaction on seeing Cratchit's family? A: He Thinks Cratchit has too many children B: He is afraid Tiny Tim will not live. C: He is touched that Cratchit toasts him. D:

    asked by Pls Help on March 28, 2019
  87. math

    Lesson 13: Geometry Unit Test Math 7 B Unit 1: Geometry help It is a unit test and I don't know what to do if you could help me out...……………? David drew a triangle PQR as shown. If angle QPR measures 135 degrees, which statement is true for angle

    asked by bird on January 25, 2019
  88. history

    How did the German part of Charlemagne's kingdom change under the rule of Otto the Great? A. It was divided by several German dukes. B. It fell under the rule of the Byzantine empire. C. It was invaded by Anglo-Saxons. D. It was united as one empire.

    asked by jake on February 12, 2019
  89. Art

    1. Which of the following best describes the artists use of variety in the painting? A. The Basket. B. The Table Cloth. C.The Flowers.D The Grapes. 2. In this image, the artist used a variety of which element to create the drawing? A.

    asked by Anonymous on October 9, 2019
  90. Life orientation

    1 .Choose three examples of human rights violation /discrimination and give reasons for your choice 2.from your research ,describe each of the three ways of human rights violation/discrimination mentioned in the question above and give at least ,two

    asked by Pretty on April 20, 2019
  91. Algebra

    A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were made

    asked by Chara on March 12, 2019
  92. math

    Let k be a positive integer and let X be a continuous random variable that is uniformly distributed on [0,k]. For any number x, denote by ⌊x⌋ the largest integer not exceeding x. Similarly, denote frac(x)=x−⌊x⌋ to be the fractional part of x. The

    asked by Anonymous on August 2, 2019
  93. Life orientation

    Interview questions to evalute the understanding of service delivery protest by learners in school

    asked by Mandla on April 3, 2019
  94. English

    In act 2 scene 3 of a Christmas carol: Scrooge and Marley, what is Scrooge's first reaction on seeing Cratchit's family? A. He thinks Cratchit has too many children B. He is afraid tiny Tim will not live C. He is touched that Cratchit toasts him D. He

    asked by PLZ HELP NEED THIS BY TONIGHT on April 10, 2019
  95. SS

    1) infer which "great victory" the author references in the excerpt. A) election of the first female governor B) success of the first women labor strike C) passage of the equal rights amendment D) passage of the 19th amendment.

    asked by Halo Advertiser on February 26, 2019
  96. Life orientation

    Discuss four factors that cause each of the chosen social issues

    asked by phindi on August 3, 2019
  97. United States History A

    In the Unit Companion, which activity would be the most helpful for learning the main ideas in each slide of the lesson? A. Preview the key topics you will learn about. B. Answer a question about each part of the lesson to help your comprehension of the

    asked by first on August 19, 2019
  98. Language Arts

    Who are those old men Bent over in the sunshine? Skeletons of corn What is the tone of the poem? 1. bored 2. satisfied 3. concerned 4. jubilant

    asked by KingSavage on March 5, 2019
  99. Math

    Which statement about ethnic groups in Southwest Asia is accurate? A. Arabs are the majority in every country in the region. B. Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the region. C. Kurds make up the largest ethnic group on the Arabian Peninsula. D. People

    asked by nothing on January 19, 2019
  100. math

    Hailey is scuba diving in the ocean. Her boat is anchored 300 feet away at a 30° angle of depression. If her diving partner is 25 feet directly below her, how far is Hailey's diving partner from the boat? (round to nearest whole number) a. 300 ft b. 313

    asked by Anonymous on March 3, 2019