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  1. Business

    Thomas Kratzer is the purchasing manager for the headquarters of a large insurance company chain with a central inventory operation. Thomas’s fastest moving inventory item has a demand of 6000 units per year. The cost of each unit is $100.00, and the

  2. English

    As a school prefect of your school write a speech on what your school needs

  3. math

    The value p varies directly with q^-1. If p=1/6 when q=5/8, what is the value of p when q=18? A)864/5 B)7/24 C)5/864 D)-8/135 I did the p=kq, and found p to be 24/5 but that's not a choice. Help!!

  4. Physics

    Two people are talking at a distance of 3.4 m from where you are, and you measure the sound intensity as 1.0 10-7 W/m2. Another student is 4.2 m away from the talkers. What sound intensity does the other student measure? I just don't know how to start this


    1. Which equation is best represented by the graph? a. y= (x+3)(x+1)(x-1) b. y= (x-3)(x+1)(x-1) c. y= -(x-3)(x+1)(x-1) d. y= (3-x)(x+1)(x-1) 2. Shown below is the graph of y=x^3-3x^2-6x+8. What are the apparent zeros of the function graphed above?

  6. Chemistry

    How much oxygen (in grams) will form from 44.2 mg of N2O5? 2N2O5(s) → 4NO2(g) + O2(g) ____× 10^-3(g) O2

  7. Calculus

    approximate the change in the lateral surface area(excluding the area of the base of a right circular cone of fixed height of h=6m when its radius decreases from r=11m to r=10.9m S=(pi)r sqrt(r^2+h^2)

  8. Math

    Someone answer all of this clearly, I don't get it at all. Suppose a ship is sailing at a rate of 35km/h parellel to a straight shoreline. The ship is 10km from shore when it passes a lighthouse at 11am. Question 6 options: a) Let k be the distance between

  9. math

    A Ferris wheel has a maximum height of 245 feet and a wheel diameter of 230 feet. Find an equation for the wheel if the center of the wheel is on the​ y-axis and y represents the height above the ground. equation is ?

  10. chemistry

    What is ΔH in the equation ΔG = ΔH - TΔS? A. The change in specific heat between the products and the reactants B. The change in enthalpy between products and reactants in a reaction C. The change in entropy between products and reactants in a reaction

  11. maths

    Lcm for 2/3,4/9,8/15 numbers

  12. programming

    Design a flowchart or pseudocode for a program that accepts three numbers from a user and displays a message if the sum of any two numbers equals the third.

  13. Geography

    4. Given an angle A, what figure can you construct using the steps below? Step : Draw a ray with endpoint s. Step 2: With the compax point on vertex A, draw an arc that intersects the sides of ZA.Label the points of intersection B and c, Step 3: With the

  14. Physics

    Distinguish between work energy and power if a body of weight 10N is lifted from the floor to a table 2m above the calculate the potential energy gained. What happens to the energy if the body falls off the table and hits the floor

  15. calculus

    At noon, ship A is 20 kilometers north of Ship B. Ship A is traveling south at 50 kilometers per hour, and ship B is traveling east at 40 kilometers per hour. If visibility is 10 kilometers, could the people on the two ships ever see each other?

  16. science

    The motion of a vibrating system is described by the function y(x, t) = A0e^(-at)sin(kx-ωt). If t refers to time in seconds and x refers to distance in meters, what must the units of k be? 1/s s 1/m unitless m/s m

  17. physical science

    A stone is placed in a graduated cylinder, which has been filled to the 35-mL mark. The level rises to 42 mL. What is the volume of the stone?

  18. math

    an airline flies two different planes over the same route. THe faster of the two plans travels at 540 miles per hour, and the toher plane tralves at 450 miles per hour. How many more can the faster plane travel in 12 seconds than the slower plane? (Im

  19. Math

    A cow is tethered by a 110-ft rope to the inside corner of an L-shaped building, as shown in the figure. Find the area that the cow can graze. (Let a = 10 ft, b = 60 ft, c = 110 ft, d = 70 ft, and e = 60 ft. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)

  20. math

    Anne and Nancy use a metal alloy that is 20.45% copper to make jewelry. How many ounces of a 12% alloy must be mixed with a 25% alloy to form 100 ounces of the desired alloy?

  21. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent to the curve at the point corresponding to the given value of the parameter. x=tcos(t), y=tsin(t); t=π

  22. math

    Fido weighs 26 pounds more than Fifi. Fifi weighs 12 pounds less than Rover. If the sum of their weights is 71, how much does Fifi weigh?

  23. chemistry

    commercially available concentrated Hydrochloric acid is 37.0% w/w Hcl.its density is 1.18g/ml.using this information calculate (a)the molarity of concentrated Hcl,and (b)the mass and volume (in ml)of solution containing 0.315 mol of Hcl?

  24. Physics

    Two soccer players, Mary and Jane, begin running from nearly the same point at the same time. Mary runs in an easterly direction at 4.43 m/s, while Jane takes off in a direction 60.2o north of east at 5.07 m/s. How long is it before they are 24.7 m apart?

  25. physics

    a dockworker applies a constant horizontal force of 80 N to a block of ice on a smooth horizontal floor. The friction force is negligible the block start from rest and move 11m in 5 sec what is it mass & if worker stop pushing at 5sec .How for does the

  26. physics

    If a scuba diver descends too quickly into the sea, the internal pressure on each eardrum remains at atmospheric pressure while the external pressure increases due to the increased water depth. At sufficient depths, the difference between the external and

  27. physics

    a 22 kilo ohm resistor having a tolerance of 10% has failed. you have on hand five resistors, valued at 120, 220, 47, 33 and 120 kilo ohm respectively. what combination of these would you choose to connect in parallel to replace the failed component?

  28. Math

    A length of rope is stretched between the top edge of a building and a stake in the ground. The head of the stake is at ground level. The rope also touches a tree that is growing halfway between the stake and the building. If the tree is 38 feet tall, how

  29. Statistics Emergency please

    People end up tossing 12% of what they buy at the grocery store (Reader's Digest, March 2009). Assume this is the true population proportion and that you plan to take a sample survey of 540 grocery shoppers to further investigate their behavior. a)What is

  30. English

    Revising often involves A. making an outline B. Makes substainial changes in content C. making grammar corrections D. making changes without a computer I think it is B

  31. Precalculus

    The height (in centimeters) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of -0.4 . Suppose that the height of the candle after 13 hours is 24.8 centimeters. What

  32. Anna

    What would be the temperature of 50 g of 20°C water mixed with 80 g of 40°C water?

  33. Probability and Statistics

    An oil prospector will drill a succession of holes in a given area to find a productive well. The probability that he is successful on a given trial is 0.2. a) What's the probability that that the third hole drilled is the first to yield a productive well?

  34. University, Engineering Math

    solve the ffg. differential equations: 1. x^3 +(y+1)^2 dy/dx=0 2. dy/dx-(1+1/x)y=y^2 3. dy/dx + ytanx=y^3sec^4x

  35. thermodynamics

    the mass of a fluid system is .311 slug, its density is 30lb.ft^3 and g is 31.90fps^2. a) find the specific volume, b) the specific weight, and c) total volume

  36. Chemistry

    So I'm not exactly sure how to answer this problem. NaC2H3O2 is soluble Express your answers as ions separated by a comma. If the compound is not soluble, enter noreaction

  37. physics

    A 40-g block of ice is cooled to −71°C and is then added to 590 g of water in an 80-g copper calorimeter at a temperature of 27°C. Determine the final temperature of the system consisting of the ice, water, and calorimeter. (If not all the ice melts,

  38. Calculus

    It took 1800 J of work to stretch a spring from its natural length of 2m to a length of 5m. Find the spring's force constant. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  39. math

    3. The gross income of David Vaughn is $785 per week. His deductions are $42.25, FICA tax; $90.33, income tax; 2% state tax; 1% city tax; and 3% retirement fund. What is her net income for one week? A. $675.32 B. $628.77 [C. $605.32] D. $749.77

  40. Algebra II

    If 750 m of 3.00-mm-diameter wire has a resistance of 27.6, what length of similar wire 5.00 mm in diameter will have the same resistance?

  41. Algebra

    The function g is defined by g(x)=3x^2+6. Find g(5y)

  42. English

    Explain how The Federalist Papers would have been more or less successful if newspapers had been printed monthly (rather than daily or weekly).

  43. physics

    A 1.5 kg box moves back and forth on a horizontal frictionless surface between two springs.? The box is initially compressed against the stronger spring, K=32 N/cm, 4.0 cm and released from rest. The smaller box is K=16 N/cm. A) By how much will the box

  44. Physics

    70 J of work are done on the gas in the process shown in the figure. What is V_f in cm^3 ? I have a graph but I can't post it here. My values are W=70J P=200kPa which is 200000Pa I used the formula W=P(deltaV) then to get deltaV you do: deltaV= W(P) so i

  45. college

    A customer wants to mail a package. The postal clerk determines the cost of the package to be $18.95, but only 6¢ and 9¢ stamps are available. Can the available stamps be used for the exact amount of postage for the package? Why or why not?

  46. please help me paraphrase

    "The Antartic is the vast source of cold on our planet, just as the sun is the source of our heat, and it exerts tremendous control on our climate,"[Jacques] Cousteau tole the camera. "The cold ocean water around Antartica flows north to mix with warmer

  47. physics

    If the work required to speed up a car from 10 km/h to 20 km/h is 5.0 X 10^3 J, what would be the work required to increase the car’s speed from 20 km/h to 30 km/h? the answer is 8 x 10^3 J

  48. Chemistry

    Describe how the following reagents can be used to prepare copper (||) hydroxide :solid copper (||) sulphate ,solid sodium hydroxide and water

  49. math

    If I make 9 brownies with 2 cups of cocoa and ! cup of sugar, how many cups of sugar do I need for 81 brownies?

  50. Biology

    1. The classification of organisms is called A) taxonomy *** B) anatomy C) ecology D) evolutionary biology 2. Canis familiaris (dogs) and Canis lupus (wolves) are a different A) species. B) order. C) genus.*** D) phylum. 3.Imagine you are a systematist who

  51. math

    Penelope buys 3 1/4 yards of fabric to make curtains. If she spends $27.95 on the fabric, what is the cost per yard?

  52. Mathematics

    t varies directly as the square of v and inversely as the aquare root of g. T = 20 when V = 5 and g = 16. find: 1. the formular connecting T, V and g 2. T when V = 15 and g = 25 3. g when T = 40 and V = 10

  53. 10 literature

    Which option is an example of a compound sentence? APEX

  54. Calculus

    If a rock is dropped from a height of 66 ft, its poistion t seconds after it is dropped until it hits the ground is given by the function s(t)=−16t^2+66 . Round values below to 3 decimal places. How long does it take the rock to hit the ground?

  55. Statistics

    Almost all medical schools in the United States require students to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). To estimate the mean score 𝜇 of those who took the MCAT on your campus, you will obtain the scores of an SRS of students. The scores

  56. Bio

    What is the major difference between the position of producers and primary consumers in the food chain? Primary consumers make up the second level of the food chain, while producers make up the third level of the food chain. Primary consumers make up the

  57. English

    As a school prefect, you have been asked to address your school on the falling standard of learning in your school. Write your speech.

  58. math

    An ant crawls straight from $(-4,6)$ to the origin, and then continues straight on to $(4,3)$. How far does it travel?

  59. psy

    Looking to increase the profits of his lemonade stand, Johann doubled the price of a cup of lemonade from 25 cents to 50 cents. This clearly shows Johann’s lack of business sense, for now he’ll almost certainly sell fewer cups at the new price and

  60. Mathematics

    Anaeroplane flies from G to a city h on a bearing of 150degree the distance between G and H is 300km it then flew a bearing of 60degree to J a distance of 450km. Calculate G to J

  61. chemistry

    C2H4(g)+ 3O2(g) --> 2 CO2 (g) + 2H2O (l) The complete combustion of 11.22g of ethylene, C2H4 (g), via the given equation, produces 564,4 KJ of heat. Calculate the standard enthalpy of formation for C2H4(g), using the standard enthalpies of formation given

  62. Math

    Sam owns a small business there was a loss of $16 on Thursday and a loss of $ 9 on Friday on Saturday there was a loss of $5 and on Sunday there was a profit of $27 find the total profit or loss for the 4 days. $27 $57 $36 (My answer) $3

  63. dynamics

    When a 644 lb boat is moving at 10fps, the motor conks out. How much farther will the boat glide, assuming its resistance to motion is 2v lb where v is in fps.

  64. Language Arts 6 B

    Why is it important to determine the point of view of the narrator of a poem?(1 point) It makes a poem easier to understand. It tells us why the author chose to write that way. It tells us the connotation of words in a poem. It helps to make a poem more

  65. Math

    What are Fractions less than 1/2

  66. Chemistry

    One step in the isolation of pure rhodium metal (Rh) is the precipitation of rhodium(III) hydroxide from a solution containing rhodium(III) sulfate according to the following balanced chemical equation: Rh 2 (SO 4 ) 3 (aq)+6NaOH(aq) 2Rh(OH) 3 (s)+3Na 2 SO

  67. Bio help i don't understand the difference

    Systematics is A. a system of classification created by Carolus Linnaeus. B. the science of naming and grouping organisms.*** C. a way to give a two-part scientific name to all organisms. D. a list of characteristics that can be used to identify an

  68. Geometry

    7. which three lengths could be the lengths of the sides of a triangle? a.11cm,11cm,24cm****** b.18cm,12cm,9cm c. 9cm,19cm, 10cm d.4cm,7cm,23 cm idk? is this right

  69. physics

    A cannon, located 60.0 m from the base of a vertical 25.0 -m-tall cliff, shoots a 15-kg shell at 43.0 degrees above the horizontal toward the cliff. (a) What must the minimum muzzle velocity be for the shell to clear the top of the cliff? (b) The ground at

  70. English

    Lesson 9: Other Worlds: Unit Test Multiple Choice A Sound of Thunder" Choose the letter of the word or phrase that best matches the word in italics. 1. The bozer was resilient every time he was knocked down he got back up. (I point) A- Capable of

  71. Math

    1. Under what conditions is the tangent to f(x) to the point (a,f(a)) horizontal? A.f'(a) > 0 B.f'(a)=0 C.f'(a) < 0 D. f'(a) is undefined

  72. Science

    In pea plants, the allele for purple flowers, P, is dominant over the allele for white flowers, p. Which conclusion about phenotype and genotype is possible?(1 point) If a plant has white flowers, then its genotype must be pp. If a plant has purple

  73. Pre-Calc

    An exponential function f(x)=a(b)^x passes through the points (0,9000) and (2,2250). What are the values of a and b?

  74. Business

    5. Can a manager use tools and techniques from several different perspectives at the same time? For example, can a manager use both classical and behavioral perspectives? Give an example of a time when a manager did this, and explain how it enabled him or

  75. mathematics

    During the month of January, the depth, d, of snow in inches at the base of one ski resort could be approximated by d = -2t + 69, where t is the number of days since December 31st. Graph the equation and use the graph to estimate the depth of snow on

  76. Science

    The very large increase in allergies over the last thirty years is due to the great success of immunizations administered over this time period. Since immunizations have nearly eliminated life-threatening diseases such as polio, the human immune system

  77. math

    The 4-digit number pqrs has the property that pqrs×4=srqp. If p=2 , what is the value of the 3 -digit number qrs ?

  78. Math

    If a triangle has sides of lengths 5,8 and 12 it is a right triangle ??!! True or false? Can someone please answer

  79. Chemistry

    Describe how you would prepare a pure dry sample of calcium chloride in the laboratory

  80. Chem

    Complete and balance the precipitation reactions. Include physical states. Refer to the solubility rules as necessary. precipitation reaction: K3PO4(aq)+MgCl2(aq)⟶? I know it would require a double replacement so it would be KCl+Mg(PO)4 But how do I know

  81. Math

    Given rectangular prism A is similar to rectangular prism B and the volume of A is 125 ft3 and the volume of B is 27 ft3. What is the ratio of the surface areas for A:B? A. 3 : 5 B. 5 : 3 C. 25 : 9 D. 125. 27

  82. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the potential difference across the 20 ohm resistor?

  83. Math

    Solve the system of equations by using substitution y=2x+3 y=x+2

  84. physics

    in air an object weighs 15N when immersed in water it weighs 12N when immersed in another liquid weighs 13N. Determine the density of the object and that of the other liqui

  85. Math

    Sports team won twice as many games as they lost. The sum of games won and games lost was 42 games. How many games did they win?

  86. math

    A factory produced 2300 TV sets in its first year of production. 4500 sets were produced in its second year and 500 more sets were produced in its third year than in its second year. How many TV sets were produced in three years?

  87. Maths

    Avinesh gave his cousin 1/3 of his sticker collection he gave sister 5/6 the remainder and was left with 80 sticker how many sticker did he have at first

  88. Math

    Assume that women’s heights are normally distributed with a mean of 63.6inches and a standard deviation of 2.5inches. If 90 women are randomly selected, find the probability that they have a mean height between 62.9inches and 64.0inches.

  89. algebra

    The record height of a man to date is 8 feet 11 inches​ (107 inches). If all men had identical body​ types, their weights would vary directly as the cube of their heights. Assume that all men do have identical body types. If a man who is 5 feet 10

  90. Math

    Which graph best represents the solution to the following pair of equations? (1 point) y = −x − 5 y = 2x + 4 A graph is plotted with values ranging from negative 10 to 10 on both x axis and y axis at increments of 1. Two lines having equations y is

  91. Science

    11) A home health nurse is assisting with the plan of care for an older adult client who had cataract surgery recently. Which of the following information should the nurse include in the plan of care? A. Remain on bed rest for at least 2 days B. Rest in

  92. SS

    During the 1500s, what were Christians called who broke away from and protested practices of the Catholic church? A. Jews B. Muslims*** C. Protestants D. Orthodox

  93. agebera

    what is the slope of the line joining (4,-8) and (-4,8)?

  94. Chemistry

    Consider the system: A (aq) → B (aq) at 293 K where ΔGo of formation A = -11.3 kJ/mol and ΔGo standard of formation B = -12.9 kJ/mol. Calculate the concentration of A at equilibrium when 2.41 mol of A and 1.35 mol of B are mixed in water to form

  95. Math

    An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 7 painters, 4 sculptors, and 5 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a painter or a photographer? Write your answer as a

  96. Math III

    Which of the following statements are true? a. the incenter of a triangle is equidistant from all three vertices of that triangle b. The incenter of a triangle always lies inside that triangle c. the incenter of a triangle is the point of concurrency of

  97. Programming

    write a pseudo code and then draw a flowchart to calculate tax deduction of employess salary >2000, tax is 7% and salary

  98. Math

    Hi, again, Can you help me understand this? 1 Identify one way to rewrite the expression using the distributive property. 8 * 19= 2 Identify one way to rewrite the expression using the distributive property. 2(9+3) 3 Simplify using the Distributive

  99. Physics

    A boy exerts a horizontal force of 111 N on a box with a mass of 32.7 kg. HINT - (a) Make a free-body diagram and apply the x-component of Newton's second law. (b) Apply the relationship between static friction and the normal force. (a) If the box doesn't

  100. Maths

    An iron pipe of internal diameter 2.8 cm and uniform thickness 1 mm is melted and a solid cylindrical rod of the same length is formed. Find the diameter of the rod.