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Math Fractions

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Nadia 4/9 h to complete her Language Arts homework and 2/9 h to complete her mathematics homework. Which takes longer? How much longer?

I just need to know am I right or wrong?

I calculated Wednesday to have 3 inches of snow. Which is 2 inches more than Sunday.

Thank you.

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    (4/9) * 60 = 240/9 = 26.67 minutes

    (2/9) * 60 = 120/9 = 13.33 minutes

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    Ok so I had it completely wrong. UGGG So I take the numerator times it to an hour (60 min_ then divided to get the mintutes. Ok got it ! Thank you for explaining to me. I am thankful. :))))))))

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    You're welcome.

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    I got this wrong? I was suppose to keep it in fractions. And I came up with it took Languarge Arts longer ? Do I just turn the 26.67 and 13.33 into a fraction? then subtract the two minutes? Please help.

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