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Hello Jiskha, Can you pls help me in proofreading the below text, few corrections I made, still wanted to know if any mistakes exists.

Thank You in advance

SUBJECTIVE: This established patient is a 65-year-old white mail seen for major depressive disorder with anxiety features. He has been prescribed Prozac 30 m.g. p.o. daily and BuSpar 20 mg p.o. b.i.d. The patient has recently found out that he has diabetes-mellitus type 2, for which he has been started on Metformin. He also continues to struggle with his Crohn's disease. He has been feeling somewhat upset about his diagnosis, as he already feels somewhat frustrated with his problems due to Crohn's disease.

  • Grammar MT -

    "mail" = ??

    I'd change "due to" to "brought on by" as well.

  • Grammar MT -

    You may want to check context and spelling of "mail." Diseases in the 3rd ed BOS no longer use the apostrophe s in front of the word disease, syndrome, etc; however, it would stay if the word disease, syndrome, etc were not included in the sentence, but implied. You may want to review commas and MT style sheet. "as clauses and phrases" are almost always essential information, so a comma may not be necessary. I have 35+ years experience in copy editing for publication, but still quite new to the MT style sheet, but these stand out to me in reference to MT. Good Luck--JJ

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