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  1. Math -- repost for Diana

    Ryan bought 6 apples and 9 peaches for a total of $9.75. Madi bought 4 apples and 5 peaches for $5.75. How much are apples and peaches?
  2. Re-post for Rafah -- physics

    Rafah -- Please use Post a New Question when you need help with your own question. a woman who weights 5.00x10^2 N is leaning against a smooth vertical wall, as the drawing shows.find the force exerted on her shoulders by the wall and the horizontal (F2)
  3. Math -- repost for "nadine"

    nadine -- Please use the Post a New Question link to ask your questions. Don't piggyback on another student's question. --------------- nadine's question -- Karen deposited $4000 into an account with 2.4% interest, compounded quarterly. Assuming that no
  4. @mr.e

    Do NOT hand out answers to other students. The point here is that students learn how to find their own answers. Further handing out of answers will get you on a time-out!
  5. @Anionymous

    You posted an entire test and all the answers, which is one of the kinds of posts Jiskha's owner is regularly contacted to remove. Please post only the 4 or 5 questions you are least sure of, plus their answer choices and your selection. Then someone here


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  1. English

  2. Ed Tech and Online Learning

    Yes, B.

    See Similar Questions below.
  4. Ed Tech and Online Learning

    No, not A.
  5. History .

    https://www.google.com/search?q=why%20did%20pharaohs%20build%20pyramids Read lots!