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Write a memo of 6–15 sentences based on the scenario given here.
You’ve been put in charge of planning a one-day departmental training seminar
with Dr. Melanie Dobler as the speaker. You must make travel arrangements for the
speaker, reserve a company room large enough for the number of people attending,
and requisition any necessary items, such as a computer and screen for a PowerPoint
presentation, chairs, tables, and photocopies of training materials. In addition,
arrange for two breaks and a casual lunch.

This is what i have so far...

I have comleted all arrangements for the departmental training seminar on June 15, 2009. I have reserved the Jackson room at the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas,TX for our conference. The Jackson room accommodates 50 people, includes our audio/visual equipment, and comes with catered lunch.

I have also made travel arrangements for Dr. Melanie Dobler. I have booked her a flight on American Airlines and her hotel room will also be at the Magnolia Hotel. If there is anything else that you need please let me know.

Is there anything that needs improvement?

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    To whom are you sending this? Will anyone else be reading this?

    Jackson Room (capitalize the "R" on Room)

    comma after TX

    Aren't you going to give specifics for Dr. Dobler's flight? Flight number? Date? Arr time? Confirmation number for flight and hotel?

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    Your duplicate post has been removed.

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    Heloo! My nam es sano.i liv in tbilisi.:-)

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