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Write a memo of 6–15 sentences based on the scenario given here.
You’ve been put in charge of planning a one-day departmental training seminar
with Dr. Melanie Dobler as the speaker. You must make travel arrangements for the
speaker, reserve a company room large enough for the number of people attending,
and requisition any necessary items, such as a computer and screen for a PowerPoint
presentation, chairs, tables, and photocopies of training materials. In addition,
arrange for two breaks and a casual lunch.

Interoffice Memo

TO:John Doe. M.D.
FROM:Jane Doe, Medical Office Assistant
DATE:March 29, 2009
SUBJECT:Departmental Training Seminar

All arrangements have been completed for the departmental training seminar on April 4, 2009. The Grand Majestic Hotel, in San Diego, California, will provide accommodations and seminar services.
I have arranged for the American Airlines taxi company to pick up Dr. Dobbler at the airport terminal and transport her to the Grand Majestic Hotel. I reserved room 112, the non-smoking, king size suite, as Dr. Dobbler requested.
The seminar will be held in the hotels banquet room, which will accommodate the 65 people attending. The hotel secretary, Andrea, will requisition all necessary items needed for the seminar. Andrea also assured me the room would be set up in a classroom style, so projected images won’t have the shadow of attendee’s heads on screen. In addition, I also scheduled two, ten minute breaks, and a casual lunch around noon, in the hotels cafeteria.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me (x984). Again, thanks for the opportunity to make the arrangements for the seminar.
Jane Doe
Medical Office Manager

Could someone please proof read my memo and let me know if this has been done correctly?

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    Your memo is excellent.

    I suggest that you either change the name of the recipient (from Doe to Smith?) so that you both don't have the same surname.

    A couple of apostrophe errors --

    hotels banquet room -- hotel's

    attendee’s heads -- attendees'

    hotels cafeteria -- hotel's

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    thanks!! I will use my name in place of jane doe

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    You're welcome.

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