court cases- how do these affect your life

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How do these court cases affect your life?

Tinker vs. Des Moines
Roe vs. Wade
New Jersey vs. TLO
Miranda vs. Arizona
Brown Board of Education

I know what these court cases are but I am not sure how they affect my life.

Here is how to analyze: What would your life be like without that decision.?

Here are some thoughts.
Brown- Would there have been segregation still? would the CivilRights law of the 1964 have been passed? What would life be like if we didn't have that?

Roe vs Wade - Before that law, I had a best friend jump off a building to kill herself because she thought she was pregenant (this was before birth control pills too). Would you have lost any friends to suicide over this?

Miranda- hom many of your friends would have been coerced into confessions, whether they were guilty or not, without Miranda.

and so on.

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