Martin Amis's characterizations for Muhammad Atta in "The Last Days of Muhammad Atta"

I read it but i don't see ANYTHING based on how he is characterized :(

i can't post the website but if you type 'Have they been with you at all times?'
in google than ull get a website of the reading
please help, i gota write a paper

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  1. http://www.martinamisweb.com/documents/lastdays_one.pdf

    In the first paragraph alone, I see characterization. Here are two examples:
    " ... that he was laconically going along with."
    "(But he wasn't like the others.)"

    As you read through the rest, you'll find lots of information about his character. What does "laconically" mean? Why was he "going along"? In what ways was he not like the others? And on and on...

    If you need a dictionary for words you're not sure of, use this:

    Let us know what you find.


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