Hello, i'm writing an essay about how truth should be told because it will help materialize solutions to problems and difficulties, etc. Can you please help me start my introduction? I want to start it really interestingly but nothing really comes in mind... and also, for my conclusion am I just repeating what i said in the body paragraphs? wouldn't that seem too redundant? What should I do? Thank you so much! :D

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asked by Kat
  1. How truth should be told? Plain, simple, straightforward, with clarity.

    Wondering if you meant "why" truth, instead of "how" truth.

    Introduction: You try this, we will critique.

    Yes, the conclusion does restate what you said, but a creative writer really summarizes, and if restatement is done, it is simplified.

  2. Yep I am writing about why truth should be told :) But is asking a question a good way to start an introduction? Maybe like "have you had an experience where..."?

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    posted by Kat
  3. You want to write an introduction for a paper that isn't planned or written yet?? That's backwards.

    If you have written the rest of your paper, be sure to let us in on what your thesis statement is, as well as the outline you followed.

    If you haven't written the rest of your paper, then you need to follow the writing process:

    At this site, you'll find all kinds of help for the whole research/writing process. The Step by Step link will take you through the writing process.

    These two sites will also help you with the entire researching and writing process.

    This site also contains the entire process; use the left column as the table of contents.

    Be sure to add these sites to you favorites so you can get to them again and again when you need to.

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