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  1. Mimi

    post your thinking, or what is confusing to you on your chem/physics questions. I am not much of an answer giver. I do critique well.

    for your bullying, you are in time out until mid March. Bite your tongue, and shape up.
  3. arora

    You are doing a good job on physics, thanks.
  4. Connexus at 5:22pm

    Because of your language, you are on a few days time out...You cannot post on this website. You may use that language at home, to your mom, but here, it gets you time out.
  5. hayley

    Hayley, I have read a number of posts of yours, and noticed two things. a. you worry about grades far too much, after all, we have an entire life ahead of us. Perfection is not on the cards for most of us. b. you have an issue in reading comprehension, in


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  1. Science

    Both have to be calibrated. Which is more precise? depends on the two units. which is more accurate? If both have been calibrated, they should be same accuracy, however, inexpensive electronic scales (as in many schools) are temperature sensistive, and
  2. science

    yes, volume=mass/density
  3. Science

    Small sized block : mass=4.5 grams, volume=2.744 cm3, density: 1.63 sink Large block: mass=8.8 g, volume=8, Density=1.1sink Clothespin: mass=4.5 g, volume=10mL, density:0.4 float Copper Stone: mass=4.0 grams, volume=1mL, density=4sink Large Nut: mass: 15.8
  4. Science

    With both, you are getting the mass of the object. You will also have to determne the volume of the objects, but not with the balances. density=mass/volume
  5. Science

    moving .005m force is 1/4 original. sounds like the distance was doubled, or original distance was .005m Remember force is proportional to 1/d^2