I’m having problems in paraphrasing the song “Never Ever” by All Saints. Can you check it, please? I included a sentence on the use of “propose” and one concerning the use of reflexive pronouns.

1) Storm is a bit ashamed of herself. She feels sorry for Jason. Ed believes she should stop blaming herself as se acted very responsibly.
2) The singer wants to know why her relationship is going wrong. She doesn’t think she has done anything wrong . She is worried that her partner thinks that she didn’t give him enough affection. She has never felt so low. She is unhappy and confused. She wants to him to take her out of this black hole (difficult situation?)
3) I can’t rephrase these sentences: “I will scour, I will ruin to find peace of mind, the happy mind I once owned”. “ I’ve had o dig away to find my own peace of mind”.
4)I proposed/meant/intented/wanted to get up early but I didn't. Does the job mean/involve getting up early? She proposed going to the cinema/my going to the cinema/ me to go to the cinema (it this possible?) .

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  1. 1. (typo) as se acted = as she acted

    2) She wants to him to take her out = She wants him to take her out of (either)

    3) ruin or run? h ad o dig = had to dig
    Who said it? Either He or She will scour and ruin to find the happy mind once owned. He or She had to dig away to find peace of mind.

    4) I intended (note spelling)
    She proposed that I go to the cinema? OR She proposed going to the cinema.


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