Address the following points after reading the scenario written below:
- List three social factors that most impact the scenario
- Justify your answer with an example from the scenario for each selectred factor.
- Conclude by suggesting a viable solution to the scenario

Here is the scenario:

Differences in Socioeconomic Status

The middle school in a rural community of 9,000 residents has four school-sponsored dances each year. At the Valentine's dance, a coat-and-tie affiar, six eighth-grade boys showed up in rented tuxedos. They had planned this together, and their parents, among the more affluent in the community, thought it would be and paid for the rentals. The final dance of the year is scheduled for May, and it, too, is a coat-and-tie-dance. This time, rumors are circulating around school that is renting a tux and that the girls are getting new formal dresses. These behaviors and dress standards are far in excess of anything previously observed at the middle school.
Several students, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, have said they will boycott the dance. They cannot afford the expensive attire, and they claim that the ones behind the dress-upmovement have said that only the nerds and geeks would show up in anything less than a tux or a formal gown.

I just need a hint.

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asked by jetti
  1. I think if I were the principal, I would call in the PTA board and discuss, then discuss with the Superintendent (let him feel out the board). My inclination is to cancel the dance, and instead have a swim party, or a rodeo.

    Frankly, it is very difficult to hold events and specify (and enforce) dress codes. The usual rule is that if it goes to court, the school will lose on dress codes for events such as this. I suspect even Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Brittany Spears can be dressed outrageously at these events, Polly Picklenose can get away with it also.

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