I have a 14k thimble with a SC mark inside a rectangle and a anchor next to it. Does anybody knows about this markings? I'll appreciate if you give me some info. Thank you.

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  1. This morning there are some 324 thimbles on sale through eBay. Staffordshire Lane, Heirloom Editions Ltd. has carried thimbles for some 30 years.

    SC often stood for South Carolina, where a lot of jewelry was made. An anchor often stood for Birmingham, but the 3 things you described, sorry, I don't know.

    Try going to eBay and searching thimbles.

    Or contact a company that manufactures/sells thimbles.


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  2. Are you sure about the rectangle? Is it a larger C surrounding the SC? This is the mark of Goldsmith Stern Company, around the turn of the century (1900). It is worth about 65 dollars. Inside, you should see a number for finger size.

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  3. Please refer to the "new question" I just posted named: ART - Carmen


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