Math- I have no idea how to do this PLZ HELP!

Josefina needs enough ribbon to make 90 bookmarks. Each bookmark is to be 5 and 7/9 inches long. Estimate how many yards of ribbon she should buy.


450 + 70

520 inches ; divide by 36
Buy 15 yards.


450 + 70

520 inches ; divide by 36
Buy 15 yards.

Why would you add 5+7/9?

O i get that now... but 520/36=14 and 4/9... wouldn't that round to just 14 because 4/9= .44444444444...

O i get that now 2... u would need 15 just 2 hav enough... Thank u SO MUCH Mr Pursley... Sorry 4 all da trouble

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asked by Mike

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