Social Studies

1. Which of these is an example of a monetary incentive? *

A. Having fun walking a dog
B. Making friends on a sports team
C. learning a new skill by studying it
D. earning an allowance for doing chores*******

2. A country has an economic boom and can afford to increase imports from a second country. What is likely to happen in the second country? *

A. a depression
B. An economic boom
C. A recession
D. increased taxes********

3. How does scarcity affect customers? *

A. Limited time prevents customers from making decisions.
B. Limited money forces consumers to make choices.
C. Limited numbers of producers force customers to be loyal.
D. Limited wants and needs limit customers to small purchases.**********

4. Which of the following laws is considered a trade barrier? *

A. A company that produces furniture is shut down
B. Federal aid given to unemployed workers from a factory
C. Paying money to an industry to encourage it to make goods in the country
D. Consumers deciding to purchase only locally made goods******

5. What is the purpose of the separation of powers? *

A. To keep ordinary citizens involved in politics
B. To prevent any branch from dominating the government**********
C. To distribute work between state and federal levels of government
D. To ensure that every president is supported by the majority of people and the majority of states

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  1. 1. d - yes
    2. d - no
    3. d - yes
    4. d - I don't know. Check your text.
    5. b - yes

  2. 3 is incorrect Ms. Sue

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  3. What are the correct answers then Mr Sue?

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