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  1. life Orientation

    Define the concept"risk behsviour"and explain why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it
  2. life orientation

    describe any six risky situations young people are frequently exposed to.
  3. college

    what is the mass of solute dissolved in 50.0g of a 12.5% saline solution?
  4. math

    If 25 times were moved from Box A to Box B, there would be an equal number of dimes in both boxes. If 100 dimes were moved from Box B to Box A, the ratio of dimes in Box A to Box B would be 7:2. What was the original number of dimes in Box A?
  5. Math

    1.If two angles have equal measures, Then the angles are congruent. True*** False Write the converse of the conditional and problem 1. Can someone help walk me through this please?
  6. Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,women

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  7. Chemistry

    If 1.0 mL of 6.0M HCl is added to 499 mL of water to give exactly a 500 mL solution, what is the molarity of the dilute solution?
  8. physics

    A father racing his son has 1/3 the kinetic energy of the son, who has 1/3 the mass of the father. The father speeds up by 1.4 m/s and then has the same kinetic energy as the son. What are the original speeds of (a) the father and (b) the son?
  9. Life orientation

    The impact of risky behaviour in social, emotional, physical and spiritual
  10. oops geometry

    This conditional statement is true... If two angles are right angles, then they are congruent. The converse is ...If they are congruent, then the angles are right angles This would be false because not all congruent angles are right angles Is this correct
  11. Physics

    Three spheres, each with a negative chrge of 4.0x10^6C, are fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle whose sides are 0.20 m long. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the net electric force on each spehere.
  12. Math

    The following conditional statement true. What is the statements converse and is the converse is true? If a figure is a square, then it has four right angles. A. If a figure is not a square, then it does not have four right angles. This is true. B. If they
  13. History

    Which identifies a principle that Leninism opposed? market economy b.nationalization of industries c.dictatorship of the proletariat government c?
  14. Earth science

    A scientist wants to determine the age of a rock. The rock contains an index fossil and an ancient relative of a living organism. Which is more useful for dating the rock, and why? Answer: an ancient relative of a living organism would be more useful for
  15. life orientation

    Define risk behavior and explain why it is important for teenagers to investigate and be knowledgeable about it.
  16. chemistry

    How many grams of table sugar (C12H22O11) will be needed to make 3.5 L of a 11.5 M solution?

  18. Chem

    A scientist finds that one volume of an unknown gas X combines with 2 volumes of another gas Y to form 2 volumes of a new gas with a formula XY2. What is the balanced equation?
  19. math

    Alex is painting a house. He uses 1/3 of the paint he bought on the dining room. He uses twice as much on the living room as on the kitchen, where he uses 1 1/2 gallons. He has 1 1/2 gallons of paint left. How much paint did Alex buy?
  20. Biology

    Which of the following statements correctly compares the functions of a plant's roots and stem? The stem contains a high percentage of cells that provide structural support, unlike the roots. The stem is the first part of the plant to emerge from a seed,
  21. physics

    three spheres, each with a negative charge of 4.0*10^-6 C, are fixed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle whose sides are 0.20m long. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the net force on each sphere. So far i have drawn a diagram and used the
  22. Chemistry

    What mass of benzene(C6H6, molar mass=78.11g/mol) is required to produce 1500 kJ of heat according to the following reaction? 2C6H6(l)+15O2(g) -> 12CO2(g) +6H2O(g) delta H= -6278 I must have tried this so many times. Can you please show me how this is
  23. Physics

    you lift a 10 N physics book up in the air a distance of 1m at a constant velocity of .5m/s. What is the work done by the weight of the book? a) +10 J b)-10 J c) +5 J d)-5 J 10 N is the force of gravity and to find work you do this: W=F_g(change in
  24. Math

    A boy has 2 pennies, 3 nickels, 1 dime and 2 quarters. How many different sums of money can he make using one or more of these 8 coins?
  25. science

    explain two factors why it is important for youths to investigate and be knowledgeable about it
  26. world history

    Which identify key colonial holdings that Allied power nations continued to control after World War I? Select all that apply. Britain in India Russia in Poland United States in Japan France in Vietnam I think its a and c but my text didnt explain it very
  27. History

    Which conflict served as a testing ground for Nazi weapons during the 1930s? A) Chinese Civil War B) Spanish Civil War C) Irish (Easter) Uprising D) Second Sino-Japanese War A?
  28. History

    Which best explains how the economy affected politics in the United States in the 1930s? A. Economic depression led to a number of riots that nearly toppled the government and allowed radical groups to acquire political power. B. Growing inflation hurt
  29. history

    How did Hitler’s Nazi ideology affect the political geography of Europe? Hitler used notions of German racial superiority and need for land to justify the occupation of Poland. Hitler advocated that Germany needed to expand its imperialistic interests to
  30. history

    Which is an example of literature produced to spread false and negative perceptions of Jews?
  31. Physical Science

    Your glass half full travels across the table at initial speed vi = 2.6 m/sec. Glass and water together add up to a mass of m = 0.22 kg. The underside is wet, so kind of slippery, with frictional force f = 0.29 N retarding the motion.
  32. history

    Why did some of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs and agencies experience strong legal opposition? a. Farmers felt that they were unfairly targeted by subsidies. b. Labor unions opposed the restrictions imposed on them. c. People believed the federal
  33. history

    How did World War I contribute to political change in Russia? Russia’s victories in World War I led to Czar Nicholas’s abdication and retirement. War on the western front devastated Russia’s army, causing Czar Nicholas to abdicate. Fuel and food
  34. History

    Which defines the Young Turk Revolution? a.the spread of the industrial revolution to the Ottoman Empire prior to WWI b.the overthrow of the Ottoman government in favor of communism c.the modernization of the Turkish society under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  35. world history

    Which most accurately examines how the Balkans region factored into the outbreak of World War I? a.The conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire brought about the alliance system that led to war. b.The unification of Bosnia and Serbia into one nation
  36. world history

    How has the Armenian Genocide affected the foreign relations of Turkey and Armenia toward each other in recent decades? a.Turkey and Armenia have never established formal diplomatic relations. b.Turkey and Armenia have been involved in multiple major wars
  37. History

    Which country most accurately represents an example of the growth of anti-colonial sentiment after World War I? a.China b.India c.Egypt d.Russia b?
  38. geometry

    Determine whether the polygons with the given vertices are similar. Quadrilateral ABCD with vertices: A(-5, 4), B(-2, 4), C(-2, 2), D(-5, 2) Quadrilateral EFGH with vertices: E(-2, 0), F(4, 0), G(4, -6), H(-2, -6) a The polygons are similar. ABCD can be
  39. College Physics

    A student of mass M = 82 kg takes a ride in a frictionless loop-the-loop at an amusement park. The radius of the loop-the-loop is R = 15 m. The force due to the seat on the student at the top of the loop-the-loop is FN = 696 N and is vertically down. What
  40. Riddle

    to all things and men I appertain and yet by some am shunned and distend. Fonder me and ogle me till your Insane ,but no blow can harm me cause me pain. Children delight in me ,elders take fright, fair maids rejoice and spin. Cry and I weep,yawn and I
  41. Math - Answer Check

    Prove that circle A with center (–1, 1) and radius 1 is similar to circle B with center (–3, 2) and radius 2. From A to B: (x - 2, y + 1), scale factor 2?
  42. Stats Math 2

    Exit polling is a popular technique used to determine the outcome of an election prior to results being tallied. Suppose a referendum to increase funding for education is on a ballot in a large town (voting population over 100,000). An exit poll of 300
  43. Vectors

    Find the equation of the plane equidistant from the points (2,8,3) and (4,12,9)
  44. physics mechanical energy

    A skateboarder with mass ms = 42 kg is standing at the top of a ramp which is hy = 3.7 m above the ground. The skateboarder then jumps on his skateboard and descends down the ramp. His speed at the bottom of the ramp is vf = 6.3 m/s. Write an expression
  45. statistics

    According to a Gallup Poll conducted in March of 2009, 38% of American adults polled believe that global warming will pose a serious threat to them or their way of life in their lifetime. Assuming a sample size of 1000, calculate a 95% confidence interval
  46. Math

    A bacterial culture starts with 3000 bacteria and increases to 48,000 after 3 hours, find the doubling time:
  47. ap chemistry

    Rank the compounds CH3OH CH3CH2OH CH3CH2CH2OH in terms of increasing evaporation rate. 1. CH3CH2CH2OH < CH3OH < CH3CH2OH 2. CH3OH < CH3CH2CH2OH < CH3CH2OH 3. CH3OH < CH3CH2OH < CH3CH2CH2OH 4. CH3CH2OH < CH3CH2CH2OH < CH3OH 5. CH3CH2CH2OH < CH3CH2OH < CH3OH
  48. Statistics

    If the probability of a newborn child being female is 0.5, find the probability that in 100 births, 55 or more will be female. Use the normal distribution to approximate the binomial distribution.
  49. Math

    a) Determine an equation, in simplified form, for the family of cubic functions with zeros 2 +- sqrt5 and 0. b) Determine an equation for the member of the family with graph passing through point (2,20)

    A mixture of Xe, Kr, and Ar has a total pressure of 6.7 atm. What is the mole fraction of Kr if the partial pressures of XE and Ar are 1.6 atm and 2.8 atm? Did anyone get .343 ?
  51. science

    NH2-, NH3, and NH4+ have H-N-H bond angles of 105, 107 and 109. Explain this variation in bond angles.
  52. Math

    find the missing number: 20/30= square root of 20/? A.9 B.30 C.45 D.900
  53. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 10^8 M solution of HCl
  54. Chemistry

    How many (a) H+ ions and (b) OH" ions are present in 250 ml of a solution of pH3?
  55. Science

    +4q and -q are two charges separated by a distance ‘d’ metre. Where should be a third charge +Q be placed to attain equilibrium?
  56. Geometry

    Given: S is the midpoint of QR, QR ⊥PS and RSP and QSP are right angles Prove: PR is congruent to PQ I just need help starting it. Would I chop it up? For example S is the midpoint of QR / Given QS = SR / definition of mid point PS = PS/ reflexive
  57. Math

    Suppose we have a bag with $10$ slips of paper in it. Eight slips have a $3$ on them and the other two have a $9$ on them. How many $9$'s do I have to add before the expected value is at least $8$?
  58. Chemistry

    What is the molar solubility of AgCl in 1.0 M K2S2O3 if the complex ion Ag(S2O3)2^3-forms? The Ksp for AgCl is 1.8 × 10^-10 and the Kf for Ag(S2O3)2^3- is 2.9 × 10^13.
  59. history

    What initiative did Americans take to benefit the war effort during World War II? Americans created bomb shelters in case of a land attack by the Japanese. Americans trusted those of Japanese origin to help in the war effort. Americans of different
  60. math

    A box is 24 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. About how many cubic feet is the box?
  61. Physics

    A truck of mass 4000 kg is at rest, but free to roll with no resistance. If you push it forward with a force of 500 N, the momentum at the end of 5 s of pushing will be force=delta p/ delta t 500= delta p/5 p=2500?? right?
  62. English

    As a senior prefect of your school,write a speech you would give to fresh students telling them,at least, three things that can make their stay in the school successful.
  63. Health & PE

    mention ten branches of physical and health education
  64. Life orientation

    Suggest two ways on how the geographical distribution of media can be improved in South African
  65. history

    What was the goal of Operation Avalanche? to invade the beaches of Normandy to invade the nation of Germany to invade the island of Sicily to invade the mainland of Italy d
  66. history

    Why did Japan invade Manchuria in China in 1931? to circumvent the authority of the League of Nations to challenge the ever-growing power of the Soviet Union to secure natural resources for its military and population to draw the United States into a
  67. history

    Why did the United States and other countries enforce a ban on the export of iron, steel, and fuel to Japan in the 1930s? Japan pursued an aggressive military policy at the time it invaded China. Japan wanted to become the most influential voice at the
  68. math

    Chinese population is 1.33 billion, assuming a growth rate of 0.49% a year, how long until it reaches 1.5 billion?
  69. Math

    Use a specific example to explore how the cross product behaves under scalar multiplication. Is it true that k (Vector a × Vector b) = (kVector a) × Vector b = Vector a × (kVector b)? Expand to the general case to prove your theory.
  70. Calc

    Consider the following. cos(x) + sqrt(y)= 1 (a) Find y' by implicit differentiation. y' = 2y^(1/2) sin(x) Correct: Your answer is correct. (b) Solve the equation explicitly for y and differentiate to get y' in terms of x. y' = ? (c) Check that your
  71. Geometry

    What is the radius of a cylinder with a volume of 432pi cm^3 if the height of the cylinders is equal to its diameter?
  72. math

    When comparing prices for activities at a local recreation center, you notice that the center charges different prices on different days of the week. For example, riding a go-kart costs $10 on Saturday and Sunday and $5 on Monday through Friday. Is the
  73. world history

    which most accurately indentifies an aspect of Leninism? a. multiparty political structure b. capitalist economic policies c. government control of major industries d. abolition of all religious influence in society A?
  74. Spanish

    Please help me work this out with the future verb tense. Completa el párrafo con el futuro de los verbos de la lista. No es necesario usar todos los verbos. asustarse casarse conseguir escribir estar hacerse olvidar ser tener terminar Nunca (1) ____lo que
  75. History

    Why did a stalemate occur along the western front during World War I? a.Development of the tank allowed for Allied forces to stop the German blitzkrieg, leading to a standstill. b.Failure of the Schlieffen Plan led the Russian army to stop the German
  76. History

    Which accurately describe how perpetrators of Armenian Genocide were dealt with? (Select all that apply.) a.The United Nations placed pressure on Turkey until it held trials for those responsible for the genocide. b.A few of the highest-ranking Turkish
  77. Socials

    What political group represented the discontent of workers and peasants that led to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty? a.Decembrists b.Siberians c.Capitalists d.Bolsheviks d?
  78. math

    3/5 of a revolution represents approximately how many radians? Question 12 options: 6.28 3.14 3.77 108.00
  79. Math

    The ratio of the width to the length of a rectangle is 1:3. Which of the following ratios represents a rectangle with…… a)5:7 b) 6:9 c) 33:100 d) 21:63
  80. Life orientations

    What are the negative impacts of risk behaviors on, social, economic, physical and emotional mental
  81. Biochemistry

    What is the condensed structural formula of cyclopropane?
  82. math

    Mrs. Herby bought some carrots. She put 2/5 of them on a platter and the rest in a plastic bag. If there were 8 carrots on the platter, how many carrots were there in the plastic bag?
  83. math

    Given: ∆ABC is isosceles m∠ACB = 120° m∠BMC = 60° CM = 12 Find: AB M is on line segment AB I saw that someone has already post this question, but I didn't find the answer so I reposted it to c if someone could put the answer
  84. Geometry

    Is the following definiiton of supplementary reversible? If yes, write it as a true biconditional. Supplementary angles are two angles whose measures sum to 180. a. Yes, if angles are supplementary, the their measures sum to 180. b. Yes, angles are
  85. Algebra

    ) An inlet pipe can fill an empty tank in 5 hours by itself, and an outlet pipe can drain the same tank when full in 7 hours by itself. If the tank is two-thirds full when the valves for both pipes are opened, how many minutes will it take to fill the
  86. Geometry

    1) What are the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of the statement? Which statements are true? If the figure is a rectangle with sides 2 cm and 3 cm, then it has a perimeter of 10cm. My A: the statement is not true. 2) What are the hypothesis and the
  87. math

    a semi circle of diameter 6cm is cut from a rectangle with sides 6cm and 8cm.calculate the perimeter of the shaded shape correct to 1 decimal place
  88. algebra

    Let $x$, $y$, and $z$ be positive real numbers that satisfy \[2 \log_x (2y) = 2 \log_{2x} (4z) = \log_{2x^4} (8yz) \neq 0.\] The value of $xy^5 z$ can be expressed in the form $\frac{1}{2^{p/q}}$, where $p$ and $q$ are relatively prime positive integers.
  89. geometry

    SM=3x−4, and RN=9x−20. Find the value of x. A. 16 B. 4 C. 12 D. 8
  90. math

    If 25 dimes were moved from Box A to box B there would be an equal number of dimes in both boxes. If 100 dimes were moved from Box B to Box A, the ratio of dimes in box A to box B would be 7:2. What was the original number of dimes in Box A?
  91. social studies

    For what main purpose did European rulers build empires?
  92. Exponential Growth and Decay

    Can somebody please check my answers? 1. Identify the initial amount a and the growth factor b in the exponential function. g(x)=14*2^x a)a=14, b=x b)a=14, b=2
  93. Math

    1. Write the following reversible as a biconditional: If two perpendicular lines intersect, they form four 90* angles. A) Two intersecting lines are perpendicular if and only if they form four 90* angles. B) Two intersecting, perpendicular lines do not
  94. math

    During a triathlon, Sharon swims 1/4 of the total route and cycles 3/5 of the remaining route. She runs the rest of the route. If she runs 3,600 meters, find the total distance if the route
  95. Algebra

    The perimeter of the rectangle below is 74 units. Find the length of side AB . Write your answer without variables. DC (top) 4z-1 CB (right side) 3z+3 AB (bottom) unknown
  96. math

    Zach is planning to invest up to $50,000 in corporate and municipal bonds. The lest he will invest in corporate bonds is $6000 and he does not want to invest more than $27,000 in corporate bonds. He also does not want to invest more than $34,650 in
  97. word problem math

    Dixon and his little sister Ariadne stand next to each other on the playground on a sunny afternoon. Their mother measures their shadows. Dixon's shadow is 18 feet long and Ariadne's shadow is 15 feet long. If Dixon is 6 feet tall, how tall is Ariadne?
  98. Math

    Libby sold $60 worth of vegetables at the farmer's market. Jess sold 3/4ths of what Libby sold. Stephanie sold 1/3rd of what Jess sold. How much did they all sell together?
  99. math

    You own 19 CDs. You want to randomly arrange 9 of them in a CD rack. What is the probability that the rack ends up in alphabetical order? The probability that the CDs are in alphabetical order is ?
  100. math/economics in calculus

    The average cost of manufacturing a quantity q of a good, is defined to be a(q) = C(q)/q. The average cost per item to produce q items is given by a(q) = 0.01q2 − 0.6q + 13, for q >0. I know that the total cost is 0.01q^3-0.6q^2+13q What is the minimum