The cost of admission to the State Fair changed from $8.50 last year to $10.00 this year. Round to the nearest tenth. Show your work
a.) What is the percent of change from last year to this year?

b.) Is this a percent of increase or decrease?

c.) If you have a 25% off coupon to use on the $10.00 ticket, what is the cost of your ticket?

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  1. % change is actual change divided by starting value.
    + is increase, - is decrease (though it must surely be obvious)
    25% off means you pay 75%

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  2. a. (10.00/8.50) * 100% = 117.6%.
    % Change = 117.6% - 100% =

    b. The positive value means increase.

    c. Pay 100% - 25% = 75%.
    Cost =( 75%/100%) * 10.00 =

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