cultural diversity

What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? I know that stereotyping means an instant picture of a person or a group of people and is often based on misinformation or incorrect attitudes or opinions.

Can you please help?

Simple answer here with no strings attached.It has nothing to do with wrong or misleading information.Most people who stereotype/group people or are racist have had their own personal experiences which were bad ones and judge groups on them. Many times, the ones who claim to be discriminated are just as guilty also if not more than the person who has a bad opinion of groups of people and any type of retaliation just reinforces there opinion even more.Many people also form their opinions on statistics such as crime, poverty, drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases and amount of children without a parent.Yes, all races and types of people with different values and beliefs have all of these problems. But,some groups and races are higher than others and this is all used as ammunition to back their opinion. Simple facts are.....if people have a problem with cultural diversity and being discriminated,then change needs to be made and bad habits need to stop in order for it to stop.One of the most annoying things here in Florida is the amount of people who want to come to America and become U.S. citizens but do nothing but throw ther flag,country and habits in our face.I cannot drive on a road without seeing at least 10 vehicles plastered with another countries flag,or something relating to there colors or habits. I can even go to the store without hearing advertisements in other languages.If they are so proud of where they came from then they should have stayed there in the first place. If someone wants to live in america,THEN BE A AMERICAN!

Grouping means categorizing people in terms of similarities. This usually acknowledges that the similarities fit a plurality of group members, but not necessarily all members.

However, stereotypes attribute the traits to all members of the group. It also seems to attribute an innateness to whatever the trait is, even though situational factors might be the cause of the similarities. Often they reflect traits in ourselves that we reject, so we project them on others.

"Men, they are all alike! All they think about is sex."

"All women are weak and passive." Throughout history, women in most cultures have been forced into submissive roles.

"All Jews are money hungry.!" This stereotype relates to a time when just were allowed to lend money for interest, while this was rejected by Christians.

"All blacks are lazy!" When slaves, one of the least threatening ways to rebel was to intentionally work slowly.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

This helped me understand the difference. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, that you are having such a hard time diversifying, this is the land of the free. If I were from another country, I would waive my flag to let everyone back home know...I have freedom!

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  2. ok wave..

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  3. This is just horrendous! You are contradicting with yourself with that answer. Your statement is completely racist and you are against diversity! Why can't people get out of their own little box they are in and accept reality?!!!!!

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