41) When planning a music activity, teachers should
I. think of a fun activity.
II. know the functioning level, musical abilities and interests of individual children in the class.
III. align the activity to one or more of the National Standards for Music Education.
IV. individualize goals for the class and for individual children in the group.
D) I, II, IV
Answer: A
42) When unfamiliar shapes are introduced, the teacher should
I. precede the introduction with a review of already familiar shapes.
II. encourage children to visualize the shape.
III. recognize children need many experiences with shapes and with making comparisons between shapes before focusing on naming shapes.
IV. ask questions such as "How is this new shape the same as . . .?" or "How is this new shape different from . . .?"
A) All of the above
D) I, II, IV
Answer: D
43) Which of the following are considered creative dramatics in early childhood?
I. Pantomime
II. Story dramas
III. Role-playing
IV. Choral reading
V. Reader's theater
A) All of the above
C) II, IV, V
Answer: A
44) Which of the following concepts related to size are appropriate for early childhood?
I. Some of the children in the class are big, and some are little.
II. The farther away one goes from an object, the smaller it looks.
III. Certain experiences we have may make us feel larger or smaller, even though our physical size does not change.
IV. People change size.
A) All of the above
Answer: C

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  1. Looking at the type of questions in your consecutive posts, I conclude that you are a prospective teacher or in an area of education.
    I sure hope that as a teacher you would expect your future students to arrive at their answers by doing their own work and not just receiving answers from somebody else.
    In my days they used to call that cheating.

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  2. Amen, Reiny!!

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    Ms. Sue

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