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Hello, we have a 3 part essay to do and the one question we have is What message is conveyed in the end of Playboy of Seville, I need to explain the issue of Don Juans character, words, behavior, and his end in the play. So far I had that Don Juan was a trickster but for his behavior I don't know what kind of word they are looking for?

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asked by Alicia
  1. philanderer?

  2. The word "playboy" should tell you all you need to know!

    Yes, "philanderer" is a good term to use. You can also go to and enter philanderer and/or playboy to see synonyms which may help you expand on your description.

  3. What would be wrong with the words I already gave you to describe his character? Casanova, libertine, "womanizer" ...


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  4. DO YOUR ESSAY EXAM BY YOURSELF. You could fail the class if Dr. Shao finds out about this. And she may.

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  5. I have my exam already finished. And did it by myself.

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    posted by Alicia

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