Identify the complements in the following sentences. Then, tell
whether each complement is a predicate nominative, a predicate
adjective, a direct object, or an indirect object. If a sentence does not
contain a complement, write no complement.
[1] My brother made Mom a birthday cake. [2] However, the project soon became a fiasco.
[3] First, Bill cracked three eggs into a bowl.
[4] Unfortunately, bits of the shells went in, too.
[5] Then he added the flour and other dry ingredients.
[6] The electric mixer whirled the batter right onto the ceiling.
[7] The batter was so sticky that it stayed there and didn’t fall off.
[8] Bill did not clean the ceiling immediately, and the sticky substance hardened overnight.
[9] Mom was not angry, but she did give Bill a suggestion for a gift.
[10] “A clean kitchen would be a great birthday present.”
I got really confuse on this. Please, explain and give the answer. :(

asked by Khoua Yang
  1. http://www.chompchomp.com/terms.htm

    Study each of those terms here, and then give these a try. Someone here will check your work for you.

    I'll do the first one, and then you work on the rest.

    1. Mom=indirect object; cake=direct object

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Thank but I get it now ^_^

    posted by Khoua Yang
  3. 2. no complements

    posted by Elizabeth

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