Im writing an essay in English about mental illnesses in teenagers and youth and i can't think of An appropriate title for it. I need some ideas of how to make on or some suggestions.

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asked by Al
  1. Have you written the paper?

    What is your thesis statement?

  2. Its less of an essay and more of an article type thing

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    posted by Al
  3. You haven't answered my questions.

  4. It really sounds if you are "thinking" of writing a paper, you don't have much of an idea yet, and are mentally focusing on a virtual blank sheet of paper, looking for a title. You really ought to be doing some thinking....thinking as opposed to dreaming.

    My recommendation, if all that is mostly true, is to jot some thoughts that you "think" you want to communicate, then think on them, then jot down a outline first. Skip the introduction, and start writing.

    By the way, in teens and youth, the same mental illinesses exist as in adults, they just havent learned to express them in such hidden ways as adults. Personality deviations are much more common in teens and youth.

  5. I've written the paper and edited it already.

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    posted by Al
  6. Title: What does your article say? What is the point?

  7. Baloney, Al. If you've already written it, why can't you post your thesis statement?

  8. Because I don't know what a thesis statement is and I've never written one.

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    posted by Al
  9. http://www.indiana.edu/~wts/pamphlets/thesis_statement.shtml

  10. Then it would be something along the lines of because 20% of teenagers and youth suffer from mental illnesses, parents should be aware of how to recognise problems in their children so they can receive proper care.

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    posted by Al
  11. Is Your Child in the 20%?

  12. I about the change this fragment sentence into complete sentence. Please help?

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    posted by Anita
  13. Crazy Teens: Are They Taking Over the World?

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    posted by Sally

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