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1. Identify your target heart rate zone. Identify the purpose of knowing your target heart rate zone.

A: My target heart rate zone is 103 to 175 beats per minute. (However, what is the purpose?)

2. "Jorge was always tired. He felt that he was always studying for an exam or writing reports for school. He was also depressed because his dad had some kind of heart disease and was in and out of the hospital. Jorge was often so tired after school that all he wanted to do was flop down in front of the TV. Although he was exhausted, he found it difficult to fall asleep before midnight. However, he would often fall asleep much later in front of the flickering TV. He was on the school track team but had not been making training recently. The quality of his schoolwork was also deteriorating and he was really fed up."

a. Write a paragraph describing how Jorge could change his life for the better. Suggest healthful changes Jorge can make in his lifestyle to feel better both physically and emotionally.

A: Jorge could try different methods, such as listening to soothing music or exercising before bedtime, to try to be able to fall asleep at a decent time of the night. He could prioritize his time and complete his homework early so that he would no longer have to stress over it. He also could speak with a counselor and receive comfort in regards to his father and his depression. Also, if he was able to fall asleep at a considerable time, he would more rested and would be able to attend track team's practices and training?

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    Your answers are good.

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    A: As I have calculated, my target heart rate zone is 103 to 175 beats per minute. The purpose of knowing of this, however, is quite simple. Your target heart rate zone is a heart rate range that should be reached during exercise to gain cardiorespiratory health benefits. Therefore, the purpose of knowing your target heart rate zone is to know when you are overly exercising and when you are not exercising enough?

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    Thank you!

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    How will knowing the major body systems, organs, and their functions help you in the health care job you have or would like to have?

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