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Derek threw the football 36 2/3 yards during Tuesday's game. The next play he threw the football 2 5/6 yards less. How far was his second pass thrown?

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    36 2/3 = 35 5/3 = 35 10/6

    Subtract 2 5/6 from 35 10/6

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    How do you figure out 36 2/3=35 5/3 and how does 35 5/3= 35 10/6?

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    I found out how 36 2/3=35 5/3 but how does it equal 35 10/6

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    I borrowed 3/3 from 36 to get 35.

    35 5/3

    We need to find a common denominator so I multiplied the numerator and denominator by 2 to get 35 10/6

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    The answer is 33 5/6?

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    Right. :-)

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