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Some ideas to write an argument about why the book 'follow the rabbit proof fence' is better than the movie 'rabbit proof fence'.

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    I've never read that nor seen that movie, but the best place you'll find online to guide you in writing an argument is this:


    Click on Argumentative Essays at the top, and follow their directions.

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    The "The Rabbit Proof Fence" is a book about aborigines in Australia, according to Amazon. Google this number to see the description and read the customer reviews at Amazon

    In contrast, "Rabbit Proof Fence" is a movie released in 2002, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). You can read the IMDB description and see photos. The movie is somewhat inspired by the book, although at least one of the reviews at Amazon says that the movie is not representative of the book and is not "a true story."

    This comes from Amazon:

    This review is from: Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence (Paperback)
    A true account told by one of the daughter of 3 young mixed blood girls. Living on an outback property the girls are taken from their aboriginal families and taken down south to a town where 'others' like them (half bloods) are to be raised, educated and cultured. The premise of the book and movie is how these young girls escape and manage to walk hundres of kilometers back home.
    The book is just small and easily read in a few days. Told somewhat like a history book, it has actually accounts and police recorded information on the progress of the girls escape. It takes a little while to get into it but if your interested in Australian scenery, the outback, early Australian history, then give it a go. It is by no means a book to rave about, but a nice easy read, that's not heavy going.

    This comes from Amazon also, but is about the movie:

    Read all the details yourself from the Australian Civil Liberties Union at this address: **************
    To boot, the illiterate girl who portrayed Molly Craig in this film herself ran away from the making of this picture; not once, but twice! And after the film was completed she was then sent to boarding school by the director (yes she was brought back twice too, to complete the film) until she decared she didn't want to be there either; wanting simply to go home---a desire she was ultimately granted. The director declared that he was only trying to help her---notwithstanding the film's Kenneth Branagh character saying the same thing in the film while being presented as a racist. Mind you, I LIKED THE FILM. It was well shot. The children actors were very believable. The Australian landscapes involved herein were captured to great effect too. The problem is---after reading up on this for several hours on the internet---I know not what's true and what isn't concerning the story of Aborigines in Australia; except that the director of this film apparently took an awful lot of liberties with the story on which he based Rabbit Proof Fence. That the director had the audacity to put a photo of the real Molly Craig at the end of the film, too, inclines me to not recommend this film. But I won't go that far since I actually liked the film. Instead, let me suggest that you not take all you see and hear in this film as necessarily part of the notion that "This is a true story." And should you decide to give this film a try do at least have a look at the article I've indicated above.

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    When you argue "better", or "worse", you will have to argue points of view, not facts. Factual information may be a basis for logical, but the end result is going to be your point of view. So state (first analyze) your point of view.

    Which woman is better to marry?
    Which is better, BBQ or broiled chicken?
    Which makeup makes me look younger?
    Which team is better, Auburn, or Alabama?

    Figure out your point of view, then read the book, and watch the film. Remember, both are fictional works, based somewhat on a true story, but embellished, as most great stories are.

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