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Please check my practice test

1. What are some self-control principles that you as a college student could use to increase the amount of time you spend studying with success?

a) Find a quiet spot to work with minimal disturbance and set a modest target for how long you will study followed by a form of self-reinforcement once you have met this interim goal. (< My choice)

b) Set a maximum target for how long you will study, find a quiet place to do so, then stop when you have finished.

c) Find a spot where you and your friends can study and hang out, study for a while, then reward yourself for completing this unspecified goal.

d) Determine how much time it will take to study just enough to read the required work, sit down to read it, and then reward yourself with a night out on the town.

2. Providing a reward based on the number of cars sold every month is an example of

a) contingency schedule

b) operant schedule

c) interval schedule

d) ratio schedule (< My choice)

3. Hall, Lund, and Jackson (1968) devised a program to deal with disruptive school children. They found that:

a) The program required greater attention from the teacher initially but less in the long-term. (< My choice)

b) The program was effective only initially.

c) The program was effective only for a few children.

d) Reinforcement was not as effective as punishment.

4. A reward used to predict varied behaviours is referred to as having ( I do not know this answer)

a) generalizability.


c) variability.

d) uniformity.

5. The higher the probability of engaging in an activity when given a free choice, the more likely that activity will make a good reinforce is the

a) Law of Effect

b) Contrast Effect

c) Premack Principle (< My choice)

d) Gradient Principle

6. Classroom teachers, psychologists and parents alike can use all but which of the following techniques which have been proven to help reinforce a modified behavior with children in their care?

a) Fading

b) Corporal punishment (< My choice)

c) Reinforcement in a variety of settings

d) Partial reinforcement

7. Why should behavior be reinforced with material rewards for behavior that a person should or should not be doing anyway?

a) It has been suggested that reward reinforcement can be more effective than traditional forms of discipline in at least some circumstances and is therefore the best alternative in these situations. (< My choice)

b) Material rewards for modified behavior should not be used once the learned behavior has been demonstrated to be changed.

c) Reward reinforcement has nothing to do with whether or not a person should or should not be doing a certain behavior.

d) There is no harm in allowing someone to earn a material reward for changing their behavior if they have earned it.

8. Primary reinforcers are effective because

a) they are necessary for survival. (< My choice)

b) they are easily attained in the workplace.

c) they are not necessary for survival.

d) they are not available in the workplace.

9. What is the principle of minimal force?

a) When reinforcement is used at all long-term reinforcers should be used

b) When reinforcement is used at all the least effective reinforcer should be used

c) When reinforcement is used at all the least powerful reinforcer should be used that is likely to be effective (< My choice)

d) When reinforcement is used at all the most powerful reinforcer should be used that is likely to be effective

10. What is one of the most positive advantages of utilizing token economies to modify behavior?

a).They can be used in a wide range of settings (< My choice)

b) Token economies are more effective than praise

c)The use of token economies has proven more effective than modeling and positive reinforcement combined

d)Token economies have no drawbacks

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    All are right, except 4 is a. However, I am unfamiliar with the work of Hall, Lund, and Jackson.

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