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I'm the guy doing the persuasive speak on the Oil leakage in the Kalamazoo river. I can see you're from/know of this area. Can you give me some pointers/idea's of what I could talk about/include in my persuasive speech. I've been doing a little reading of how in 2010 crews were attempting to clean estimated 877,000 gallons of oil that coated birds and fish as it poured into a creek and flew into the Kalamazoo River.

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    Wouldn't what you want to say be guided first by your point of view (ie what and whom are you trying to persuade exactly what).

    What are you trying to say?

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    This is the best website to help steer you through a persuasive/argumentative paper.

    Click on Argumentative Essays (near the top right) and follow all the directions.

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    Cool website Writeteacher! I have a public hearing tonight on undermining our Marine Industrial Zoning District. Thanks !

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    You're very welcome, Damon. It's an amazing website for help with all kinds of writing ... especially persuasive/argumentative!!

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    well it's a speech not writing

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