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i am looking for thirty questions related to communication that i can ask someone in a interview. Please help me in it. I made some but i need a lot.

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    I think the too-broad topic is the problem here. It would be easier and make more sense if you divide this topic into parts.

    Communication between parent and child

    Communication between husband and wife

    Communication between boss and employee

    Communication between two good friends

    Communication between ___________

    (or whatever categories you need)

    What do you already have?

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    communication between two friends and one is United States born and other just came three years ago from an other country speaking.

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    These are not questions. What questions do you already have? (Above, you wrote, "I made some...")

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    I get these AXIA questions and I am perplexed: Just what is going on there?

    When you interview someone, you must have a purpose. That purpose dictates the questions. AFter all, the world is not just Entertainment Tonight.

    If you don't have a purpose, ask how is the weather today.

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