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As promised, I'm sending you 5 sentences I'm finding it difficult to change. Thank you.

1)In the second stanza there is the description of a gas attack toward the trenches: a white fog raises up suddenly. While the poet manages to wear the gas mask, someone isn't fast enough, and the poet sees him die through the green mask pane.
2) Anyway, in the third stanza he asks to himself if the reader would be able to understand how it feels to walk in a wagon where the dead and sick soldiers had been thrown.
3) Additionally, he remembers the face and the eyes of his friend while he was trying to breath with his lungs filled of blood.
4) At last, in the fourth stanza he end his description of the evilness (??) of the war, and says that he won't tell to his children the old lie, which defines war as glorious and wit (???)
5) While Lord Henry meets Dorian, he is captured by his beauty and youth, so he explains to the boy his concept of beauty.

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    difficult or not, here is a promise to you: we wont do your thinking for you, but will be happy to critique your work.

    Why would a quality teacher assign anything different that difficult homework? I know, but Ms XXXX and Coach YYYY is easy. The best thing a good student can do is seek out the hardest teachers, those that are the most demanding.

    Repost with your work, and we will happily critique.

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