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Do you think the last sentence links to intolerance, and do you think this paragraph makes sense?

The only figurative device that is completely and effectively used in Night is first-person perspective. The use of first person conveys the incidents Wiesel encounters in the concentration camps and allows the audience to visualise this through Wiesel’s eyes. ”I gave him what was left of my soup. But my heart was heavy. I was aware I was doing it grudgingly.” In regards to this quote, it shows the change and selfishness in Wiesel’s attitude due to the small ration of food given to him by the German soldiers as he was a Jew.

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    The last sentence linking to intolerance? Hardly. What was he intolerant of?

    The last sentence is really poorly worded, you can do better than that. I would on the first draft written something like this: Wiesel revealed his internal conflict of compassion versus self interest when giving up his small ration of food, the same conflict each of us faces daily when faced with others needs.

    I might have deleted the last part of that sentence if it does not match the content of whatever you are writing.

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    Wiesel uses punctuation within dialogue to capture the brutal, abusive nature of the SS soldiers. The use of punctuation also demonstrates the emotion the character is feeling. “Faster you flea-ridden dogs!” and “Faster you filthy dogs!” With the effective use of punctuation it amplifies the impudence the SS soldiers had for the Jews.

    What about this?

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    I like SS's ideas. However, in place of "impudence" at the end, I'd use "complete disregard" -- what do you think?

    And Bobpursley is right. KK's last sentence is quite vapid and full of air, compared to the earlier part of that paragraph. You need an explanatory sentence after you include a quotation in an essay or longer paper, BUT ... DO NOT use words such as "this quote" or "it says" or anything similar. That's very 3rd grade. Notice that SS didn't do that in the sentence right after the quotation used.

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