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Thank you very much for helping me improve my questions. What do you think of this activity? Can you think of any other questions to include?

1) Do you support any charities?
2) What clothes are fashionable among teenagers in America these days (??)? 3)Do you know the name of an (any?) Italian fashion designer? What kind of music are you fond of?
4)How was your flight to Italy and how long did it last? Have you ever been to Italy before?
5) If yes, which places did you visit? What do you associate Italy with? Do you know the names of any Italian food specialities?
6) What's your name? Do you have any brothers or sisters? If yes, are they older or younger than you? Do your parents work? Are there any teachers in your family?
7) Can you write the name of a local (?) food speciality listing its ingredients?

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    Your questions are good ones.

    You might also think of asking some of these:

    What music artists do you like?

    How do you listen to music? CDs, your iPod, flash drive and SYNC or something similar?

    What movies have you seen recently? Did you like them? What did you like best about them? What did you not like about them?

    You could also devise questions about what books they've read recently, what courses they've taken in school that they like best, and many other things.

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