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How is it that the Roman Catholic Church was able to gain power in the Roman Empire and what effect did the shift of power have on the telling of the history of the world?

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    Is wikipedia a reliabe source?

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    Read Wikipedia as you would any encyclopedia -- BUT make sure you check on ALL the references and external links included at the bottom of each wiki page.

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    OK thanks
    I still don't understand this question!?
    Could you just like give me a base for this argument? becuase i serioulsy don't get what this question is asking

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    How did the Roman Catholic Church gain power in the Roman Empire?

    What effect did the Church have on the world?

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    And be sure you read about the Roman emperor Constantine:

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    Well, its was just like something for people to believe in so the church created hope? and idk know what im talking about. I feel like im talking in circles :(

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    Please read the websites we posted.

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    well then thanks but not thanks for the help, becuase those words are TOO BIG for me to understand....

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