helping abused children

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what is the best statement about children who are abused

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    1. A common symptom of a behavior disorder is

    A. spina bifida.

    B. amblyopia.

    C. tardiness.

    D. withdrawal.

    2. When children have accidents with bowel or bladder control, the teacher aide should

    A. make them clean it up themselves.

    B. send them immediately to the self-contained classroom.

    C. assist them as discreetly and quickly as possible.

    D. ask the teacher to call the parents.

    3. When working with behavior disordered children in the classroom, the teacher aide can modify behavior by

    A. praising them when they succeed.

    B. using the same teaching techniques for every student.

    C. underestimating what the child can do.

    D. reinforcing the problem behavior.

    4. In a regular school setting, learning challenged children are

    A. always placed in classes with the mentally retarded.

    B. usually determined to be below average in intelligence.

    C. usually taught best in a resource room.

    D. never allowed to exert themselves in sports activities.

    5. To help visually impaired children function successfully in the classroom, you should

    A. always stand with your back to a window.

    B. explain to them what's happening in other parts of the classroom.

    C. move furniture regularly so they learn how to move around the room.

    D. prevent them from participating in activities with hearing impaired students.

    6. In a regular school, the mainstreaming/inclusion technique is

    A. used only with visually impaired students.

    B. often impossible with behavior disordered students.

    C. frequently a positive experience for regular students.

    D. impractical for learning challenged children.

    7. One common physical challenge resulting in poor muscular coordination and speech problems is

    A. strabismus.

    B. epilepsy.

    C. autism.

    D. cerebral palsy.

    8. When lifting and transferring students from a wheelchair, you should

    A. release the brakes on the wheelchair.

    B. have the child grab you around the neck.

    C. make sure you lift with your legs.

    D. hold the child by the arms.

    9. Children with a language or speech disorder are

    A. sometimes suffering from an aphasia.

    B. always learning challenged.

    C. able to receive special help only after the third grade.

    D. unable to use communication boards.

    10. Most schools treat behavior disorders in students by using

    A. positive and negative reinforcement.

    B. an open classroom.

    C. music therapy.

    D. corporal punishment.

    11. Public law 94-142 mandates that

    A. schools must transport students to special sites for education.

    B. only certain states must provide special education programs.

    C. parents may not participate in a special needs child's education.

    D. every special needs child have an IEP that provides appropriate educational experiences.

    12. One way to prevent pressure sores in children who must use wheelchairs is to

    A. use the wheelchair seat belt.

    B. use special cushioned seats in the wheelchair.

    C. prevent these students from moving around too much.

    D. ask a doctor to prescribe medication.

    13. A diagnosis of mental retardation means that a child

    A. can't read or write at a functional level.

    B. needs serious learning support in mental ability and behavior.

    C. has a mental age equal to his or her chronological age.

    D. can never function in normal society.

    14. If a child's hearing aid makes a shrill or piercing noise, you should

    A. disconnect the microphone.

    B. replace the batteries.

    C. turn down the volume.

    D. cover it with the child's clothes.

    15. When working closely with students, a good hygiene practice to follow is to

    A. share your food with students.

    B. cut food into small pieces.

    C. use medications wisely.

    D. wash hands after wiping your nose.

    16. Chemotherapy is a medical treatment that's used to

    A. speed recovery from a diabetic reaction.

    B. treat children with muscular dystrophy.

    C. kill cancer cells.

    D. prevent grand-mal epileptic seizures.

    17. When determining educational settings, learning challenged students are most often placed in

    A. resource rooms.

    B. the nurse's office.

    C. self-contained classrooms.

    D. psychiatric clinics.

    18. When tutoring learning challenged students in academic subjects, you should

    A. spend long periods of time on math drills.

    B. help the student use task analysis skills.

    C. disregard developmental levels.

    D. make sure reading materials are slightly above their abilities so they will be challenged.

    19. Two types of wheelchairs used by physically challenged students are the

    A. crawler and the scooter.

    B. power driven and the quad.

    C. orthosis and the manually operated.

    D. Mulholland and the power-driven.

    20. In the classroom, the reverse mainstreaming/inclusion technique is used

    A. only with mildly retarded students.

    B. more often than the resource room for behavior disordered students.

    C. to place special needs students in the majority.

    D. effectively to teach math and reading.

  • helping abused children -

    this test is called


    but please help me i need the answers

  • helping abused children -

    D, C, A, C, B, C, D, C, A, B , D, B, A, C, D, C, C, B, D, C

  • helping abused children -

    i got a 100 on the exam

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