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2. a. student ID number- not on resume
b. social security number – not on resume
c. the Zip code of your references’ addresses
d. a list of all your English courses in college
e. section numbers of the courses in your major
f. statement that your are recently divorced – not on resume, they do not need to know your life’s history
g. subscriptions to journals in your field – not on resume,
h. the titles of any stories or poems you published in a high school literary magazine or newspaper
i. you GPA, would belong on resume
j. foreign languages you studied, would belong on resume
k. years you attend college
l. the date you were discharged from the service
m. name of the neighbors you are using as a references, would belong on resume
n. your religion, not on resume,
o. job titles you have held
p. your summer job washing dishes
q. your telephone number, belongs on resume
r. the reason you changed schools
s. your current status with the Nation Guard
t. the URL of your website
u. your volunteer work for the Red Cross, belongs on resume
v. hours a week you spend reading science fiction, not on resume, not relevant
w. the title of your last term paper in your major
x. the name of the agency or business where you worked last

a. Job in a dentist’s office.

b. Position with a safety emphasis.

c. Desire growth position in a large deparment store.

d. Am looking for entry position in health sciences with an emphasis on caring for older people.

e. Position in sales with fast promotion rate.

f. Want a job working with semiconductor circuits.

g. I would like a postion in fashion, especially one working with modern fashion.

h. Desire a good-paying job, hours: 8-4:30, with double pay for overtime.

i. Insurance work.

j. working with computers.

k. Personal secretary.

l. Job with preschoolers.

m. Full-time position with hospitality chain.

n. I want a career in nursing.

o. Police work, particularly in suburb of large city.

p. A job that lets me be me.

q. Desire fun job selling cosmetics.

r. Any position for a qualified dietitian.

s. Although I have not made up my mind about which area of forestry I shall go into, I am looking for a job that offers me training and rewards based upon my potential.

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    What is the question here? I can't make sense of it.

  • successful writing at work -

    2. Which of the following belong on a resume and which would not belong and why 3. need to indicate what is wrong with the career statements and rewrite them to make them more precise and professional

  • successful writing at work -

    bob, did you understand the questions?

  • successful writing at work -

    This is the best place online that I've found to help with resumes, letters, and other business writing:

    Scroll down and go through the whole section on resumes very carefully.

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    Thank you

  • successful writing at work -

    You're very welcome!

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    insurance work

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