Englis just one line

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please corret this line.

But in fact their actions and words worth nothing; it is their wealth which hides all their weakness.

  • English just one line -

    It'd be best if you didn't start the sentence with a coordinating conjunction.

    Comma is needed after "fact."

    The first part (before the semicolon) is incomplete and needs a verb. Please supply a verb, probably between "words" and "worth."

    The last word in the second part needs to be plural not singular.

  • Englis just one line -

    In fac,their actions and words nothing; it is their wealth which hide all their weakness.

  • Englis just one line -

    please check it.

  • Englis just one line -

    Please proofread your statement. I think you've omitted a word.

  • English just one line -

    You omitted one word, but didn't make any corrections??

    Please re-read what I wrote above and follow directions.

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