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Sociology college

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Hello! i need help my homework
In a Gemeinshaft society,people are more likely to
1) be highly dependent on the nuclear rather than the extended family
2) view life and morals in terms of how they affect the individual
3) stress formal education as a prerequisite of headship
4)treat illnesses at home

i really appreciate you for help me

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    3 is the best answer. Clearly, 1,2 are wrong, and 4 makes no sense in that society.

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    Hello ! I need help my homework
    which of the following research errors is less prone to being classified as fraud and more likely to be considered as simply sloppy work
    1) asking biased questions
    2) choosing a biased sample
    3) analyzing the data incorrectly
    4) disregarding undesirable result

    I would like to say deeply thank for your kindness to help my homework

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    I vote for 3.

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    hello ! I need help my homework
    theories of social evolution are divided in two categories called
    1) unilateral and matriarchal
    2) unilateral and multilateral
    3) unilateral and mutilateral
    4) patriarchal and matriarchal

    I really appreciate for your help me

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