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How many ml of 50% dextrose should be added to 1 L of 0.9% NaCl to make a 5% dextrose solution?

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    I am wondering if your percents are by mass, or what?

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    I don't know it never said in the problem.

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    It is understood to be mass/volume for ease of dosage calculations.

    Therefore whether it is 0.9% saline or simply water, the proportions are the same.

    You can do the calculations as follows:

    Suppose we need v ml of c1% concentrated dextrose diluted with 1000 ml of liquid to give a c2% solution,

    mass of glucose added = v(c1/100) g
    total volume of liquid = 1000+a
    (c2/100) = (v c1/100)/(1000+v)
    Solving for v
    (1000+v)c2 = v c1
    v=1000c2/(c1-c2) ....(1)

    For the case in point,
    x=50, y=5
    = 111.1 ml.

    Equation 1 is a handy formula to remember if you need to do the same calculation often and fast.

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    I don't think adding salt would matter. The only one thing you're focusing on is how to make that 5% dextrose solution.

    (x mL)*(50) + 1000 mL = (1000 mL + x) mL)*(5)

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