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3/w+4 + 4/5w

would the answer be 7/4+5w?

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    No. What is the common denominator?

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    I think it would be 20 right?

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    nope. 20 is not the common denominator,,

    on the given, i think you mean 3/(w+4) + 4/5w ,,
    first thing, multiply BOTH the numerator and denominator of the terms with their common denominator, which is (w+4)(5w),, therefore,
    (3/(w+4) + 4/5w)*(5w)(w+4)/(5w)(w+4) ==> some terms will cancel out, leading to
    (3(5w) + 4(w+4))/(w+4)(5w)
    simplifying, you will get:

    note: the multiplier (5w)(w+4)/(5w)(w+4) is equal to one, and therefore will not alter the original given,, =)

    *another alternative would be to use cross-multiplication,, you will get the same answer after simplifying,, =)

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