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I have these labs that I have to complete for my Intro to Technology course, and they're just too hard for me to do. My teacher doesn't help me at all on them, because they're mostly about drawing out machines and stuff, she says I'm supposed to do it myself. This is one that is not as confusing as the others, but I still need a lot of help. Will someone please be willing to help me on it?
I really appreciate it!
Lab 6.2 Technology Issue
Read this:
Background: Technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad. how a technological object is used can create benefits or drawbacks. Each person should strive to use technology wisely to make the future better, protect the environment, and help people live in harmony with nature.
Identify an important issue to people today that is impacted by technology. List the positive and negative factors related to the issue. Develop a plan to maximize the positive features and reduce the negative impacts.
fill out this sheet:
1. Choose a technological issue that will be a controversial topic in our future. you will have to do some research on the topic that you choose, so pick an interesting one! List your topic here.

2. List five positive factors related to or with your technology topic.

3. List five negative factors related to or with your technology topic.

4. How could you address, change, or eliminate the negative factors that you listed above?

5. Discuss how this technology may effect you personally in the future?

Again, thank you so much to anyone that helps!

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    Privacy is an issue important to people.

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