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Why are we able to use the same problem analysis categories mentioned in Ch. 1 of Social Policy and Social Programs to analyze historical problems as well as problems facing modern society? I have read the whole chapter and I still can not find the answer to this question can someone please help


    THIS IS THE ANSWER THAT i HAVE COME UP WITH PLZ TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK....I feel that we can use the same problem analysis for both historical and modern problems because although we have come a long way we can still learn from history and the problems in today's society are not that different from the problems that we faced in the past the problems just cost a lot more now than they did then. I feel that history is recorded so that we can learn from their mistakes and try to make our society a better place but learning from their mistakes and from their good doings.


    If you are college, read this: trite nonsense. Reread the question, then your response. Did you answer the question?
    If you are HighSchool, read this: you need to be specific. The question asked why are you able to use the same problem analysis categories. You did not mention those catetories. What are they? Why do they apply to historical and nowadays? That was the question. Does it have something to do with the categories are not situation or period specific?

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