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1.Assignment: Negative Messages

Using templates or sample documents to help you write e-mails, memos, and letters may be helpful for inexperienced writers; however, customize the communication, so the document does not appear as a form letter.

Use the information in your Week Three CheckPoint to determine how to communicate with the manager, teammates, and travel agent in the scenario.
Consider how much information and what communication is appropriate for each party, based on information in Writing Different Kinds of Messages.
Review the sample e-mails, memos, and business letters in the CWE under Writing Wizards.
Write a letter to one party, a memo to one party, and an e-mail to one party. Each communication must be a maximum of 250 words.
Use appropriate grammar, spelling, style, and format for each type of communication.
Review the Essay Writing Checklist, Paragraph Checklist, Proofreading Checklist, and Netiquette documents.
Ensure you have followed the guidelines for communicating effectively. Revise your messages if necessary.
Post the messages as attachments.

- - - Im having a problem getting started with this. Any suggestions? I'm not looking for someone do it for me, but looking for help.

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    Have you read your "Week Three CheckPoint", "Writing Different Kinds of Messages" and the samples under "Writing Wizards"?

    That would seem to be a good starting point.

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