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Why is it an opportunity to have change in consumer taste? (In SWOT Analysis)

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    Be sure to read this whole article; then imagine you own a women's clothing line and you will be dealing with a change in the customers' taste(s) -- say, a swing to preference for longer dresses than for short ones.

    Now go through the SWOT lists in that website and see where you are.

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    Is one reason because your business gets to expand and develop new methods to satisfy the needs of the consumers?
    Any other suggestions?

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    That's a good start. After you've carefully read the article recommended by Writeacher, I'm sure you'll be able to expand on your ideas.

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    You haven't gone through ALL the questions in each of the sections:

    S = five questions

    W = four questions

    O = six questions

    T = six questions

    You need to imagine a situation (like what I named above or something you think up) and then THOROUGHLY analyze it, using all those questions in SWOT in the website.

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