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Society sets its own predetermined laws for everyone to follow but sometimes certain people disobey the common norms to hide something deeper within. Whether this society is enclosed within boundaries, or outside in real life circumstances, these people always find a way to break the law. With regards to this, have you ever thought of the definition of a maverick? Mavericks are willfully independent and they fulfill a leadership style whereas people look up to leaders. (Definition of a Maverick). Mavericks are always bending the rules, interpreting them as they want. They are in a constant state of boredom which is their reasoning for going outside the boundaries of the preset judicial system within their enclosed society. Moreover to cope with their boredom, they must be challenged, given obstacles to overcome, and watched closely (Definition of a Maverick). Furthermore, a maverick is one who often breaks the laws, to further themselves from cultural norms, in order to gain their space and independence.
With regards to being a maverick, the TV show House, demonstrates this characteristic in Dr. House who is always disobeying the common norms of society. He is not afraid to challenge and question his boss or fellow colleagues, which results in him breaking the law. He does not go along with what is expected, and his reason for not acting appropriate and treating patients like crap, bending the rules, is to help his boredom and his way of dealing with his problems. He treats everyone like an ass and cannot find passion for anyone. He gets away with this because he is a brilliant doctor, and no one can solve cases and come to outrageous solutions like him. In all, House is a sarcastic, disobedient doctor who in order to survive, live through pain, and solve cases he must break the laws governed by the society within the hospital, showing no humanity towards mankind.
Dr. House must break laws in order to survive and live through pain, and cope with something deeper that he tries to hide. Now you may be asking why does he live in pain? Why does he feel he must? First off is the emotional side. The reasoning behind this is that he must make everyone around him feel like their lives are worse than his. His life has been nothing but pain from the beginning. He has no close relationships with either of his parents. Except for one colleague who he works with and calls his friend, every time someone reaches out to him he has a sarcastic way in approaching. He makes them feel like they’re worth nothing. To top that off, his so-called friend, really is nothing more than a guy who bails House out of every situation whether it’s personal or legal.
House never gives anything back to anyone, but expects people to do things for him. An example of this is that Doctor Wilson always loans house money. House never intends to pay Wilson back, yet Wilson continues to loan him money. House acts like he does not want to be close to anyone because of a failed relationship with his wife; he’s scared to be close to anyone else for the fear of losing them too. Also, with the characteristic of being a maverick, he likes showing independence. He performs like he does not need anyone. In order to keep his distance, he constantly breaks the law, to keep himself occupied. This is also the way he deals with his problems, not showing humanity in any way. He just continues to break the laws trying to bring out the flaws in others, which in turns only highlights his own flaws. His tactics include ridiculous procedures and medicine that no one usually agrees with. He always disobeys his boss and when she does not agree with him and tells him he cannot perform a certain treatment, it never stops him. He also is scheduled to do clinic duty, as part of his job in order to help himself learn to talk to people, but he again is sneaky and gets out of this, bending the rules. For example in one episode he is scheduled to do clinic duty and he comes out into the room with all the patients and tells people he will pay them money if they leave now. This is just one example of how he uses his wits and sarcastic ways to get out of certain duties, so that he does not have to deal with people.
Additionally, physically he lives in pain because of his leg, which he cannot walk on without a cane. Since he decided not to have his leg amputated when he had the chance, he now lives in pain every day. As a result, House is also addicted to pain killers, mostly vicodin, and this has lead to him getting into trouble with a cop, who he treated horribly. The cop will not leave House alone until he is brought down, and arrested for not only showing no humanity for people, but also his addiction for meds. Even though he treats his co-workers like they are way beneath them, they always side with House and he always gets out of certain situations only because he is an amazing doctor. An example is that his boss, Doctor Cuddy, is brought to oath in a court room when the cop sued House. She lies to the judge and the court room saying House is not addicted and that he needs the painkillers to live. She also says she will make sure he does more clinic duty to further help his personal side, and that he will go to the rehab center. However, after House is released from jail he does not agree to go to rehab and this is another example of how he just uses his people around him to get whatever he wants, not obeying by law.
He is constantly breaking the laws of medicine, and society’s norms by never acting like he cares about people’s feelings or their lives. Yet he is always determined to solve cases. This is only because he must hide his deeper side, fear of being alone, which is masked by his ability to constantly disobey the law. Although he is ultimately afraid to be alone, and needs people in his life, he never will admit to it because he feels cheated by life, due to his leg. He sees everyone around him as normal, staring at him as a cripple. Because of this, in order to make up for it, he has to break the rules and try to display the faults in everyone else. He wants to direct the attention away from himself, and by doing this he cannot let anyone get close to him or feel sorry for him. He does not want people to view him as “not normal” and so he constantly breaks the rules so that people will not feel sorry for him being a cripple and instead think of him as a lonely jerk. Also, everyone views him as a sarcastic disobedient doctor with no such humanity and this drives him and helps him survive because he wants people to live in pain and feel worthless when they come into contact with him since he lives in constant pain. All of this also drives attention away from his leg.
Though House breaks the law when it comes to his cases it is only because he’s a brilliant Doctor who will go to any extreme to cure his patients. He will not let a case go until he knows the reason a patient is ill. For example, even after a patient has already died he will still cut them open and search their bodies to find answers; he cannot rest until he knows the reason for the sickness. This always results in House going against the rules, and practicing medicine and procedures that are not of consent with the patients or his Boss and the other colleagues. Sometimes he even risks the patient’s life in order to find the cure, because his theory is that he solves cases, not people’s lives. This just shows house is more concerned with treating the causes of people’s illnesses, rather than patient. Also, he never lets people get into his personal life, yet he lives through knowing everything about everyone. He will dissect into your personal life so he can use it against you and make you feel like nothing when he is in pain. This goes against the laws of the hospitals because House should not be bringing other team members’ personal life into their work. In order to help him deal with his pain and aloneness though, he must use anything he can against his teammates.
One example from a specific episode is Informed Consent which is the third episode of the third season of House. House walks into his office where his team is waiting for him, sitting down at a table. As he enters, he has his cane back which he has not used in a couple episodes which shows the pain is back. Dr Cameron says to House “you have your cane?” In which Doctor foremen follows up by saying, “the pain is back.” All three Doctors just stare at his cane not listening to anything he is saying about the new case. Instead, Dr. House directs all attention away from himself by talking about the new case. He pretend he hears nothing they are saying. This just shows how House will never let anyone get into his personal life because he hates when people treat him differentially and feel sorry for him. But in many episodes he spies on people and does background checks in order to find out everything about the people he works with.
Two examples of this are in one episode he tells Doctor Foremen, the black Doctor that he only hired him because he had a juvenile record for breaking into cars when he was 16. House always makes people break into people’s houses, which is again breaking the law, in order to find out medical causes for certain illnesses that could pertain to the household. He says since Foremen has broken into cars before, he would have experience with these cases, and House tells Foremen this is the reason he hired him. Another example is he pays for a private investigator to research one of his employees and spies on him at home to find out about how he’s cheating on his wife; He then brings it up in front of all the other doctors in order to make conversation and use it against him.
To go back to the episode “Informed Consent,” in the episode House has to try to treat a 71 year old man. After various treatments and no known causes, the patient asks for no more treatments and he wants House to give him a dose of medicine that will lead to his death. As a doctor, you are responsible for respecting a patient’s wishes. However, you are not allowed to perform a medical assisted suicide. Most doctors in this case would just give the patient no more treatments and let him die on his own. Instead, House lies to the patient and tells him he will give him a dose of morphine to kill him. Yet, he gives him a dose of medicine that puts the patient into a coma, so that he can do his diagnosis in peace. House then starts shoving tubes down the guy’s throat, and trying to give him scans of his body. Although this is not following through with consent and totally against the rules of a realistic hospital setting, House gets away with it because he is determined to solve cases and will not let patients stand in his way.
Dr Cuddy, House’s Boss, tries to set the boundaries between right and wrong. She is really the only person who can out rule House and have control over him. He has to then, answer to a higher authority. She sets the limits for House, yet sometimes he does not listen to her, and goes through with his procedures. Although, it may seem House does not respect Cuddy, and doesn’t need anyone in his life by disobeying everyone, he cannot survive without Dr. Cuddy, and the other Doctors. They are always enabling him to continue his ways by giving into his requests. They are always prescribing medicine to House, giving House ideas to solve the cases, and bail him out of any trouble he ever gets into. House, living in pain has to deal a lot with not having a loveable family as a child, so Cuddy acts as a mother to House. She nurtures him, and shows higher authority in which she can out rule House, and force the other doctors to perform certain procedures over others. Additionally, she knows how good of a Doctor House is and so when House comes into her office to explain his reasoning for treatment he always uses examples like “the patient’s brain is about to explode.”
His reasoning is always crazy, but he is the best doctor they have so he usually gets away with it. She gives House structure in his life and he could not live without her. She gives him medicine, has higher authority, makes him perform clinic duty, and sets the boundary for House. When House breaks the laws with patients, like for example giving patients candy that looks like medicine in order to not have to deal with listening to the symptoms of the patients; Cuddy keeps him in check by making him perform more clinic duty or assigning him a seminar where he has to talk to the prospective medical students about his job. It’s an ongoing cycle where House, breaks the rules, only to be kept in check by his boss who then gives House his medicine so that he can live, and perform his duty as a doctor. The real reason House cannot be good all the time is to hide his true feelings for Doctor Cuddy. Additionally, it is House’s nature to always act like an ass. He doesn’t want to be close to anyone, or even make the attempt and so this is the reason he is always breaking the laws. In order for House to receive his medicine therefore he must break the rules, because Dr. Cuddy rewards house with his prescription when he actually follows through with realistic diagnostics, that have a lot of evidence and proof, and when he performs clinic duty, something that is not within the norms of House’s everyday lifestyle.
Nonetheless, House feels the need to not follow through with laws to not only solve cases, but this is his way to cope with the rest of the world and thus survive. He lives through pain, whether it is emotional or physical, and it leads to him not having any personal relationships with anyone, and his addiction for pain killers. As a result, he breaks the law with by not treating patients like a normal doctor would. His failure to often time disregard a patient’s wishes, or follow through with rightful procedures leads to him bending the law; this is a direct result of him not wanting to form bounds with anyone because he feels if he does not feel connected to anyone then he won’t have to care about their lives. He acts this way because he fears he may lose someone he became close to; therefore, this follows through with his ways that represent the fact that he solves cases, not lives. Also, he feels cheated by life due to his leg and so he tries to make people live in pain since he has too. Dr. Cuddy on the other hand serves as a higher authority that he has no choice but to deal with, and although he breaks the laws, she keeps him in check and bails him out because she knows how valuable of a doctor he is to the hospital. In the end, House is a disobedient doctor who continues to disobey the laws governed within the hospital walls, in order to not only perform his duty as a doctor, but also survive as a human being; dealing each day with constant pain.

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