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1. Read the following scenario: Dan is an employee at a regional mid-size computer company that has recently been sold to a larger, national computer manufacturing corporation. Dan is in charge of computer production orders, and because of this recent shift in ownership, his department’s day-to-day operations are about to change drastically. Dan has been an employee of the mid-size company for 10 years, and thinks that the current way of doing things in his department does not need any improvement.

Post your response to these questions after reading the scenario: If you were Dan’s new supervisor, provide a method for how you would address the issue described above, and justify the effectiveness of your solution. Why would Dan find your solution effective/helpful? Why would your solution be effective/helpful from your perspective as a supervisor?

2. Read Exercise 18-1: What Is the Problem? on p. 322 in Ch. 18 Exercise 18–1
What Is the Problem?
Lately, one of your subordinates has been unusually
irritable with several people in your department. You
have purposely refrained from taking action because
you believe that the parties involved should work out
such difficulties. This approach has worked well in similar
situations in the past. This morning, however, your
subordinate directed some unnecessary remarks to you,
and now it is apparent that you must act. Before you
have an opportunity to discuss the situation, you hear
through the grapevine that the subordinate is having
marital difficulties, which obviously could be the
source of the problem.
In handling the situation, you feel your best approaches
are the following:
1. Mention that you’ve heard about the marital
difficulties and that, although sympathetic, you
don’t feel that personal problems should
influence behavior toward co-workers or job
2. Privately advise other staff members that your
subordinate is having some personal problems,
and ask for their understanding during this
difficult period.
3. Approach the problem by using yourself as an
example. Indicate that you sometimes have
personal problems and irritations but that you try
not to let them affect you on the job. Then
suggest that the subordinate exert extra effort to
be less abrasive with others.
4. Ask questions and attempt to get a thorough
understanding of your subordinate’s problem so
that you can give appropriate advice.
5. Mention that you have noticed the subordinate’s
recent irritable behavior, and listen to what the
subordinate has to say. Then, in an understanding
way, indicate that personal problems should not
be allowed to affect job performance.
Other alternatives may be open to you, but assume that
these are the only ones you have considered. Without
discussion with anyone, decide which of these approaches
you would take. Be prepared to defend your
Determine which of the approaches listed at the end of the exercise that you—as a supervisor—would choose to take. Explain your reasons.


    For heaven's sakes, Dawn, are you learning nothing from this class -- or from your numerous posts on Jiskha?

    You know that we are here to HELP you, not do your assignments for you.

    The next time you post an AED or MGT assignment without telling us what your thinking is or specifically what you need help with, I'm going to delete that post.

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