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I need to design and construct a device to be used in one of the following areas : 1)kitchen 2)workshop 3)nursery 4)school 5)outdoors 6)own choice
The devise must use 3 or more of the following items 1)levers 2)gears 3)cams 4)pulleys 5)hydraulic systems 6)pneumatics systems
I must make working drawing which includes 1)detailed sketch 2)dimensions 3)materials required 4)operating instructions.
Once the device is designed I need to construct it using mostly recyclable materials

Can anyone help me with some ideas ?

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    Here are some ideas that are occuring to me:
    A diaper disposal pail with a self-latching lid (odor control) with a foot activated lid opener.
    A car jack which is already assembled (maybe with an electric motor with a long cord to cigarette lighter), and easy to use at night.
    A garbage compactor.

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    Maybe two types of garbage compactors:
    one for things to be recycled, and one for all the rest.

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