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Would (C)contractual commitment with the families or (D)cross-cultural competence be the best answer for this question?

Ms. Harris's new class includes two
Native American children,about whose families and tribe she gathers more information. Her use of home and community resources will enhance her:

A. personal relationships

B. non-English language skills

C. contractual commitment with the

D. cross-cultural competence

I am thinking (D) would be a better answer, but I am not sure.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I tend to agree with you and D.

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    I agree. D is the best answer.

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    I agree D is the answer here. But if she wants to actually nurture the NA Indian kids, they have to attend school regularly. The teacher ought to be focusing on an <implied?> contract of expectations with the family. Kids not attending school regularily is a big problem in NA communities, especially in tribal schools.

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