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Curious to know if anyone has a suggestion on how to help 5th grader remember location of Canadian provinces on the map ... Such as a cool acronym perhaps from west to east?? ... Just a whole lot of information to try and retain for an ADHD student .. Any suggestion would be appreciated! .. thank you in advance! :-)

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    Here's a very clear map of only the provinces and territories:

    YBNASNBOQNNPN (west to east)

    Wow -- that's quite a bunch of initials!!


    How could you finish it?

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    Lol!!! .... thank you!!! ... how do the kids say? .. rolling on the floor! .. Have a great day, that is a great start! ... much appreciative, mom

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    whatis the characterictics of a civilization?

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    Flash cards work great. For map skills, total outline map with the province bright color, on the back the name of the province.
    Repetition is the great key to learning. Homemade flashcards are great for this, he/she can use them whenever there is a free moment, and they are very efficent in time use.
    You may want to work on a system of motivation for this also, some fifth graders need motivation: praise, feedback, charging, money, etc. I suspect your school psychologist can help you with that.
    I have found praise to be the most effective tool, however, it doesn't always work into a learning system.
    For a complete makeover on study systems which work, see

    Spend some time here looking at it in detail. It takes time to convert to this system, especially notetaking and study, and a lot of parental involvement. However, it may be saving you a lot of heartache as your child heads toward highschool and college. Good habits are worth their weight in gold, especially for a child who has leaning difficulty.

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    Wow! Thank you for the information! I very much appreciate the direct to the link! ... Have a great day!

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    Writeacher and Bobpursley both have excellent suggestions.

    Using as many of our senses as possible also helps us learn and memorize.

    Writing the names on a blank map and saying the name at the same time involves tactile, seeing, and hearing. Many students also find it helpful to color maps. It may help to remember that British Columbia is red and Alberta is green, etc. Posting a map that the student labeled and colored in a prominent place also will reinforce the memory.

    Putting together a jigsaw puzzle map like this one is another tool for memorizing the provinces.

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    I am so thankful for this site!! A big thank you to you as well. All very wonderful ideas and suggestions. My son is so very smart, however he struggles with what his doctor refers to as very classic, clinical ADHD and I have noticed that too much at one time simply overwhelms his thinking process. The suggestions you, Writeacher and Bobpursley have offered are very appreciated. I try to help in whatever way I can. Of 4 children, 3 are very self-motivated and academically sound, but this precious child struggles and works so hard. He has managed to make straight As for 4 years, however this year he is changing classes 4 times a day and the stimulation I believe is just too much. He is not passing any subject at the moment and of course the school wants him to fit into the "normal" child mold (whatever that is!) ... Again, thank you for your help and your time! .... thankful mom

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    You're very welcome. And we wish you and your son good luck.

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